What ocean does the viperfish live in?

What ocean does the viperfish live in?

Pacific viperfish
However, the pacific viperfish has been found in the mesopelagic region, above the bathypelagic. In daytime it can be found from 200–5000 m below the ocean surface….

Pacific viperfish
Order: Stomiiformes
Family: Stomiidae
Genus: Chauliodus
Species: C. macouni

What is viperfish diet?

Pacific viperfish will mostly eat crustaceans and small fish. They typically reach lengths of up to 1 foot and are considered an example of deep-sea gigantism.

What do viperfish look like?

Description: The viperfish is one of the most unusual-looking fish in the deep sea. It has a black, elongated body, a large mouth and very long, transparent fangs.. The sharp, fang-like teeth, do not fit inside its mouth, but curve back very close to the eyes.

Is the viperfish extinct?

Not extinct
Viperfish/Extinction status

What type of animal is a viperfish?

A viperfish is any species of marine fish in the genus Chauliodus. Viperfish are characterized by long, needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws….Viperfish.

Viperfish Temporal range: Late Miocene to Present
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Stomiiformes
Family: Stomiidae

Is a Dragonfish a viperfish?

The Dragonfish, Viperfish or Loosejaw is an amazing deep sea fish with a sneaky light trick that it uses to outwit its prey.

Are viperfish predators?

How viperfish survive. Viperfish are one of the fiercest predators living in the deep ocean. They live in the deep ocean where it is so dark they are invisible to other fish when they are still in the water. Viperfish use photophores along their sides to help conceal their body from fish swimming beneath it.

How big do viperfish get?

12 inches
In spite of its ferocious appearance, the viperfish is a relatively small animal, growing to about 11 or 12 inches (30 centimeters) in length. It is usually dark silvery blue in color, but its coloration can vary from green to silver or black.

Is the viperfish bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence can serve as a lure to attract prey. The viperfish, Chauliodus sloani, has a luminescent lure on the end of a modified fin ray that it can arch forward in front of its mouth. In the dim depths, all that the viperfish’s would-be prey sees is a glowing morsel.

How many viperfish are there?

nine species
viperfish, any of nine species of marine fishes belonging to the genus Chauliodus (order Stomiiformes). They are found in tropical regions of the major oceans.

What kind of fish is a viperfish?

The source says, a viperfish is a species of marine fish of the genus Choliodas. Viperfishes are associated with long, needle-like teeth and a low-level jaw. A typical Viperfish grows in length from 30 to 60 cm (12 to 23.5 inches).

Is viperfish a heterotroph?

A Viperfish is a species of marine fish of the genus Choliodas. Viperfishes are associated with long, needle-like teeth and a low-level jaw. Is Viperfish Endangered? It is a heterotroph, because it eats to save it, not because of the autotroph.

What does A viperfish use its fangs for?

Viperfish have large mouths and sharp fangs. They use their fangs to seize prey and prevent food from escaping their mouth. On the sides of their bodies, some deep-sea fish have organs that produce light. These are called photophores.

How long can A viperfish live in captivity?

The first vertebra behind the Viperfish’s head absorbs the shock of the bite. Like other dipsy fish, they are able to last very few meals. Viperfish are believed to survive 30 to 40 years in the wild, but they rarely live more than a few hours in captivity.