What does Sou mean in Samoan?

What does Sou mean in Samoan?

sou adj. rough, choppy (of sea);

What does aka mean in Samoan?

aka – also known as.

What does EU mean in Brazil?

(= European Union) UE f.

What does SOIA mean in Samoan?

Useful phrases in Samoan

English Gagana Samoa (Samoan)
Stop! Soia!
Call the police! Vili le leoleo!
Christmas greetings Ia manuia le Kerisimasi
New Year greetings Ia manuia le Tausaga Fou

What is Uluva in English?

Uluva meaning in English is “Fenugreek Seeds“

What we call Sajjalu in English?

Pearl Millet(sajjalu)

What is mean USO?

United Service Organizations
United Service Organizations/Full name

What does Faipopo mean?

PRODUCT INFO. Tama Faipopo is a Samoan slang used to describe Samoan boys. Tama means Boy and Popo means coconut. This reference comes from Samoan boys who collect coconuts to help with the chores.

What is the Samoan language like?

Samoans love it when you attempt even a few words, so learn some phrases before departure for an even more authentic experience, including more interaction with local people. There is a formal version of the language and a more everyday version, but the people of this beautiful pacific island are so laid back they won’t care what you attempt.

How do you say 20 in Samoa?

One = tasi; Two = lua; Three = tolu; Four = fa; Five = lima; Six = ono; Seven = fitu; Eight = valu; Nine = iva; Ten = sefulu; Other useful Samoan numbers. 20 = lua sefulu; 50 = lima sefulu; 100 = selau; 1000 = afe . Learn some simple Samoan words from the current Miss Samoa & Miss Pacific Islands!

What are some Maori words for Delicious?

Maori words for delicious include reka rawa, matareka, whakaahuareka, ahuareka and whakatarapi. Find more Maori words at wordhippo.com!

What does Talofa mean in Samoan?

One of the next things you’ll hear is the word ‘Talofa’ and it won’t be the last time, for sure. It means hello and is always accompanied by a large, joyful, trademark Samoan smile. It won’t be long before you find yourself greeting everyone with this cheerful salutation – and adopting the easy-breezy attitude that accompanies it.