Why is it called a planetary gear?

Why is it called a planetary gear?

The planetary gearbox got its name because of how the different gears move together. In a planetary gearbox we see a sun (solar) gear, satellite (ring) gear and two or more planet gears. Normally, the sun-gear is driven and thus move the planet gears locked in the planet carrier and form the output shaft.

What are the two types of planetary gear sets?

What are Planetary Gears? A planetary gear set is made up of three types of gears; a sun gear, planet gears, and a ring gear.

What is planetary gear sets?

A planetary gear set is comprised of an outer gear ring that’s called the ring gear. Inside, you have a sun gear that has a fixed point in the center and a planet gear (or gears) that rotate about the sun gear.

What is a common sun gear?

1. sun gear – the central gear in an epicyclic train. epicyclic gear train, epicyclic train – a system of epicyclic gears in which at least one wheel axis itself revolves about another fixed axis.

What are the types of gear?

Read on to learn the different types of gear and the applications and industries that utilize them.

  • Spur Gear. Spur gears transmit power through shafts that are parallel.
  • Helical Gear.
  • Double Helical Gear.
  • Herringbone Gear.
  • Bevel Gear.
  • Worm Gear.
  • Hypoid Gear.

What is planetary gear motor?

A planetary gear motor mimics a planetary rotation system, the input shaft drives the central gear, also known as the sun gear, which then turns the surrounding gears, also known as planet gears. As these Epicyclic Gear Train motors are very popular amongst Robotics designer.

Which component uses planetary gears?

Planetary gear train (PGT) has been widely used in the transmissions of helicopters, automobiles, wind turbine, aircraft engines, etc. The main advantages of this transmission are its high efficiency, its compactness, its large transmission ratio and its large power-to-weight ratio, etc.

What is the parts of planetary gear unit?

The basic design of a planetary gear unit consists of a sun gear, a ring gear and several planetary gears. The planetary gears are supported by the ring gear and rotate around the sun gear. This operating principle gave the name to this type of gear unit.

What is Simpson planetary gear unit?

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The Simpson planetary gearset is a compound planetary gear train consisting of two planetary gearsets sharing a common sun gear. A Simpson gearset delivers three forward gears and one reverse, plus neutral, and is commonly employed in three and four velocity automatic transmissions.

What is the name of gear?

Application of Gears

Type of gear Application
Helical gear Similar to spur gears but with greater loads and higher speeds. Automobiles (transmission systems)
Rack and pinion Weighing scales Material handling and transfer systems Railways and trains Automobiles (steering systems)

What are the 3 main types of gears?

There are three major categories of gears in accordance with the orientation of their axes. Configuration : Parallel Axes / Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Gear Rack, Internal Gear.

Where are planetary gears used?

How does a planetary gear work?

How Planetary Gears Work. The planetary motor design displaces the load over multiple planetary gears allowing it to better handle heavier loads than other motor styles. The planetary gears are synchronized allowing them to deliver consistent torque, providing a greater output capacity overall.

What does a planetary gearbox do?

A planetary gearbox is a gearbox with the input shaft and the output shaft aligned. A planetary gearbox is used to transfer the largest torque in the most compact form (known as torque density).

What are the drawbacks to using a planetary gearbox?

Disadvantages of planetary gear system Cost of planetary gear system will be high as compared to traditional gearbox Planetary gear system designing and manufacturing are quite complex Determination of efficiency of planetary gear system will be difficult Gearing should be accurate Some planetary gearing arrangement makes additional sound during operation

How to calculate planetary gear ratio?

Planetary Gear System Components. Planetary gears sets have 4 major components: sun,planet (s),ring and the carrier or arm.

  • Sizing the Gears.
  • Calculating the Number of Planets.
  • Calculating Motion of the Components.
  • Multiple Planetary Sets.
  • Calculating Torque.
  • Conclusion.
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