Why are the Olympics such a big deal?

Why are the Olympics such a big deal?

If an NFL team downed the ball every play for an entire game there would be ridiculous amounts of outrage. This is a big deal for the same reason doping is a big deal. It violates the spirit of competition and a belief that the olympics can represent the greatest athletes in the world competing to determine who is the best.

Why are the Olympics held once every four years?

Importantly, the Summer Olympics are the long lost tradition of ancient Greece. The ancient Olympics were held every four years during a religious festival to honor the Greek God, Zeus. Consequently, to respect the ancient origins of the Summer Olympics, the modern Olympics are held every four years.

Why does the world need the Olympics?

The Games should continue because the world needs an example that life can be normal again. The Summer Olympics are virtually the only event that truly unites the globe in friendship. An estimated…

How does the Olympics have changed the world?

9 Olympic moments that changed history Female athletes compete for the first time. Jessie Owens defies Adolf Hitler. A landmark for disabled athletes. Muhammad Ali lights up centenary Games. Black Power salute in Mexico, 1968. Terror in Munich. African nations boycott 1976 Games. Cathy Freeman unites Australia. North and South Korea unite briefly.

Why did the Olympics originally start?

The History of the Olympics The Origins of the Olympic Games. Conventionally, the ancient Olympic games began in 776 B.C.E., based on records of stade-length races. Frequency of the Games. The Ancient Greeks held the Olympics every four years starting near the summer solstice. A Religious Occasion. The Rewards of Victory. Main Sports.

Why did they create the original Olympics?

The Olympics were created for many reasons. The games are commonly believed to have been created for the contestants to show the physical fitness and to entertain, and while this is all true the Olympics were mainly created for religious purposes.