Who wrote Sapphire?

Who wrote Sapphire?

Early life. Ramona Lofton was born in Fort Ord, California, one of four children of an Army couple who relocated within the United States and abroad.

Was Sapphire abused?

Sapphire was herself the victim of childhood sexual assault. In 2010 she told the London Evening Standard that her father, a Korean War vet, had molested her at age eight. Her mother abandoned their family five years later. “It was traumatic — but to be left with our crazy dad, doubly so,” she told the paper.

Who was the book Push based on?

Push is the debut novel of American author Sapphire. Thirteen years after its release in 1996, the novel was made into the 2009 film Precious, which won numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards….Push (novel)

Author Sapphire
Cover artist Archie Ferguson
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fiction

Who wrote push?


How old is Mary in Precious?

In Precious. In 1987, Precious is 16 years old, illiterate, pregnant for the second time, and still attending junior high. The principal, Mrs. Sonya Lichtenstein, is concerned about Precious’ poor performance in school.

What Colour is a Sapphire stone?

Sapphire is generally known as a blue gemstone but surprisingly it comes in a wide range of colors and quality variations. In general, the more intense and uniform the color is, the more valuable the stone. Sapphires that are not blue are known as fancy sapphires, and may be any color—except red (which is a ruby).

What is sapphires real name Skyrim?

This is revealed after completing Glover’s quest on Solstheim by retrieving the improved Bonemold Formula for him. He will give the Dragonborn the key to his basement, which contains leveled loot, the unique Blackguard’s Armor, and a letter addressed to Sapphire.

What did precious dad do to her?

The ’80s: The novel is set in 1987. Abusive Parents: Precious’s father has repeatedly raped her, and her mother has gone as far as to, among other acts, toss a TV at her after falling down the steps with her son, Abdul. She also forces Precious to have sex with her.

Was movie Precious a true story?

“The level of abuse I suffered is not nearly as extreme as in the book, and there is no character in the story, not even the teacher, who is based on me.” Rather, Precious is a composite character, she says, created from the real-life stories she encountered while teaching for seven years, from 1987 to 1993, in an …

Who was the father of Precious baby?

Carl Kenwood Jones, also known as “The Father”, is the secondary antagonist from the 1996 book Push by Sapphire, and the 2009 film Precious based on the book. He is the late boyfriend of Mary Lee Johnson and the father of Claireece “Precious” Jones.

Who is Maud Dixon Little Brown?

Florence Darrow is a low-level publishing employee who believes that she’s destined to be a famous writer. Maud Dixon (whose real name, Florence discovers, is Helen Wilcox) can be prickly, but she is full of pointed wisdom — not only on how to write, but also on how to live. …

Was Precious pregnant by her father?

Precious has recently fallen pregnant with her second child, the result of being raped by her Father, also the father of Precious’ first child. The school has decided to send her to an alternative school because she is pregnant. Despite her mother’s insistence that she apply for welfare, Precious enrolls in the school.