Who was George Strait first wife?

Who was George Strait first wife?

Norma Voss
Marriage and military service He eloped with his high school sweetheart, Norma Voss. The couple initially married in Mexico on December 4, 1971.

Who was driving when Jenifer Strait died?

Gregory Allen
Jenifer Strait died June 25, 1986, when the car driven by Gregory Allen, then 18, rolled over while making a turn south of San Marcos, where the singer lives.

Is baby blue about George Straits daughter?

Alan from Lubbock, TxThe song was written by Aaron Barker. It is rumored that George Straigt dedicated to his daughter Jenifer. Mo from Austin, TxIt is not about George’s daughter, George didn’t even write the song. It was written by a songwriter named Aaron Barker.

Who is Alan Jacksons wife?

Denise Jacksonm. 1979
Alan Jackson/Wife

Jackson married his high school sweetheart, Denise Jackson, on December 15, 1979. They have three daughters: Mattie Denise Selecman (born June 19, 1990), Alexandra Jane “Ali” (born August 23, 1993), and Dani Grace (born August 28, 1997).

Does George Strait have a wife?

Norma Straitm. 1971
George Strait/Wife

Is George Strait married?

George Strait/Spouse

Did George Strait lose a child?

George Strait and his wife Norma lost their first child, their daughter Jenifer, in a car accident in San Marcos, Texas. Sadly, Strait isn’t the only star to lose a child: A number of others have as well, including Craig Morgan.

Does George Strait have kids?

George Strait Jr.
Jenifer Strait
George Strait/Children
George Strait and his wife Norma have one son, George Strait Jr., better known as “Bubba.” Bubba was born in 1981, and just recently made the King of country music a proud grandfather to George Strait III.

Who is Clint Black married to?

Lisa Hartman Blackm. 1991
Clint Black/Spouse

Where does Alan and Denise Jackson live?

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The Nashville, TN real estate community was electrified last year with mustachioed country music king Alan Jackson and his Christian book-writing wife Denise sold Sweetbriar, their super-luxe 135-acre estate with its 19,000 square foot mansion in rural Franklin, TN, to Willis and Reba Johnson for a …

Where’s George Strait now?

Strait still lives in his home state of Texas and he has taken multiple opportunities to give back to the place he loves.