Who originally wrote Lay Down Sally?

Who originally wrote Lay Down Sally?

Eric Clapton
George TerryMarcella Detroit
Lay Down Sally/Composers

Who originally sang after midnight?

J.J. Cale
After Midnight (J. J. Cale song)

“After Midnight”
Single by J.J. Cale
Label Liberty Records (1966) Shelter Records (1972)
Songwriter(s) J.J. Cale
Producer(s) Johnny Cale

Who sang backing vocals on Lay Down Sally?

Marcy Levy
Billboard magazine described Clapton’s vocal as “low key but earthy” and also praised Marcy Levy’s backing vocals. The single was a crossover country music hit, reaching No. 26 in April 1978, Clapton’s best showing on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Where is JJ Cale from?

Oklahoma City, OK
J. J. Cale/Place of birth

Born John Weldon Cale on December 5, 1938 in Oklahoma City and raised in Tulsa where he graduated from Tulsa Central High School, JJ Cale began his pursuit of music by playing a friend’s guitar while trying to scrape up enough money to buy his own.

Who is the female vocalist on the core with Eric Clapton?

One song off the album that didn’t get much attention was “The Core,” a nearly nine-minute duet with backup singer Marcy Levy, who also co-wrote the tune.

Who sings with Eric Clapton in the core?

Eric Clapton
The Core/Artists

Who was J.J. Cale’s first wife?

Christine Lakeland Cale
John Weldon Cale was born on Dec. 5, 1938, in Oklahoma City. Survivors include his wife, Christine Lakeland Cale, and his sister, Joan Cale Sommers.

How did Clapton meet J.J. Cale?

It was Delaney Bramlett, the Mississippi born blues rocker that first introduced Clapton to the music of JJ Cale, while Clapton was working with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends.

How did Eric Clapton meet his wife?

He married his second wife Melia McEnery in a small church ceremony in January 2002. Melia was born in 1976, and is 31 years younger than Eric. She works as a Senior Clinical Adviser for Crossroads Centre Antigua. They met at a party in 1999 when Eric was 53 and Melia was 22.