Who is Rodney O?

Rodney-O & Joe Cooley, consisting of rapper Rodney Oliver, also known as “Rodney O”, DJ Joe Cooley, and Jeffrey Page, also known as “General Jeff”, is an American rap group from Southern a California. Rodney O, from Riverside, and Joe Cooley, from Compton, and General Jeff, from Los Angeles.

When did Rodney O and Joe Cooley come out?

Rodney-O & Joe Cooley
Genre Hip hop, West Coast hip hop
Years active 1987-2000, 2011
Label Egyptian Empire Records (1987-1988) Atlantic Records (1990) Nastymix Records (1991-1992) Psychotic Records (1992-1993) Westfunk Records (1998) Kritical (2000)
Associated acts Insane Poetry, Shakespeare