Where do ribs articulate with thoracic vertebrae?

Where do ribs articulate with thoracic vertebrae?

A rib articulates at the junction of the vertebral body and pedicle (superior costal facet) of its named vertebra and the vertebra above (inferior costal facet). The rib also articulates with the transverse costal facet of the transverse process of its named vertebra.

What vertebrae form joints with the ribs?

The costovertebral joints describe two groups of synovial plane joints which connect the proximal end of the ribs with their corresponding thoracic vertebrae, enclosing the thoracic cage from the posterior side.

Where do ribs join the spine?

The costovertebral joint is found in the thoracic region of the spine. These joints are made by the connection of the head of the rib to the vertebral column. The head of the rib will align with its corresponding vertebrae and the inferior portion of the vertebrae above.

Are thoracic vertebrae attached to ribs?

In addition to being connected to adjacent vertebrae, the thoracic vertebrae are also connected to ribs. The cervicothoracic junction is where the neck (cervical spine) connects with the upper back (thoracic spine).

Where are the 9th and 10th ribs located?

These ribs, known as true ribs, also connect to your spine in the back. The 8th, 9th, and 10th rib pairs don’t connect directly to your sternum, but they are connected to each other by cartilage that attaches to the costal cartilage of the 7th rib pair. These ribs also attach to your spine in the back.

Where is rib 9 located?

The ninth rib has a frontal part at the same level as the first lumbar vertebra. This level is called the transpyloric plane, since the pylorus is also at this level. The tenth rib attaches directly to the body of vertebra T10 instead of between vertebrae like the second through ninth ribs.

What bones articulate with ribs?

Each rib is a curved flattened bone that contributes to the wall of the thorax. The ribs articulate posteriorly with the T1-T12 vertebrae, and are numbered 1-12 in accordance with the thoracic vertebrae. Ribs 1-10 attach via their costal cartilages to the sternum.

Where is the thoracic area of the spine?

The thoracic spine is located in the upper and middle part of the back. Twelve vertebrae are located in the thoracic spine and are numbered T-1 to T-12. Each number corresponds with the nerves in that section of the spinal cord: T-1 through T-5 nerves affect muscles, upper chest, mid-back and abdominal muscles.

Where does the first rib attach?

The first ribs attach to the manubrium. The elongated, central portion of the sternum is the body. The manubrium and body join together at the sternal angle, so called because the junction between these two components is not flat, but forms a slight bend. The second rib attaches to the sternum at the sternal angle.

Where is the ribcage?

rib cage, in vertebrate anatomy, basketlike skeletal structure that forms the chest, or thorax, and is made up of the ribs and their corresponding attachments to the sternum (breastbone) and the vertebral column.

Which ribs are true ribs?

In humans there are normally 12 pairs of ribs. The first seven pairs are attached directly to the sternum by costal cartilages and are called true ribs. The 8th, 9th, and 10th pairs—false ribs—do not join the sternum…

Where are the 8th and 9th ribs located?