When did Bece placement be out?

When did Bece placement be out?

In a report sighted by our team, which was purported to have been made by the Director-General of Ghana Education Service, Prof Kwesi Opoku – Amankwa, BECE 2020 Placement will be released on Sunday 21st February 2021.

How do I get a school placement card online?

Click on buy e-voucher then enter your index number and click the “Click to Buy Online” button.

  1. GES Reopens Self-Placement Portal for Third Chance of SHS School Placement.
  2. GES Reopens SHS Self Placement Portal – Orders To Redo Placement.

Is Bece school placement ready?

The Ghana SHS School Placement for BECE Candidates will be available on Sunday, 28th February 2021. The School Placements will then be available to print.

How do I check my Bece self placement?

How To Check BECE /SHS Placement

  1. Purchase your e-voucher from the cssps website with mobile money (Read Guide Below)
  2. Visit CSSPS website at cssps.org or cssps.gov.gh.
  3. Click on “check placement”
  4. Enter your index number and your voucher code.
  5. Access and print your placement.

Is the placement checker out?

School Placement Checker Cards Now Available At All Ghana Post Branches. Ghana Post has announced to the general public that the school placement checker cards used for checking SHS placements are now available at the various Ghana Post offices across the country.

Did the school placement out?

No. The 2020 BECE Placements are not yet out. The Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) earlier said that School Placement will be out on Sunday, 21st February 2021.

How do I get a Bece placement card with mobile money?

How to buy SHS Placement Checker using MTN Mobile Money

  1. Dial mobile money short code (*170#)
  2. Select Momo pay & pay bill.
  3. Select Pay bill.
  4. Select General payment.

How do I check my Bece school placement on my phone?

How to Print BECE SHS School Placement On Phone Online

  1. Then buy the placement checker by selecting buy voucher option on the CSSPS to buy the Placement Checker card through MTN Mobile Money at a cost of 5GHC.
  2. After buying the CSSPS SHS placement Checker, click the check Placement Option on the CSSPS portal.

How do I get a placement voucher?

How to buy school placement E-voucher card

  1. Log onto any of the CSSPS websites cssps.gov.gh or cssps.org.
  2. Click on “Buy eVoucher” tab. (
  3. Follow the instruction on the page that displayed after you clicked on the “Buy eVoucher”.

How Bece placement is done?

The placement process begins using the candidate’s aggregate from his or her four core subjects (English, Maths, Integrated Science and Social Studies) plus the two best grades from his or her elective subjects.

How do I check my Bece school placement 2021?

SHS Placement For 2021 BECE Candidates: How To Do it Self Placement

  1. Visit the CSSPS website: www.cssps.org or www.cssps.gov.gh.
  2. Select the check placement option on the page to continue the process.
  3. Provide your e-voucher PIN and Index Number (i.e after successful purchase in the steps above) and click on proceed.

Is placement for Bece 2020 out?

Now, a new report sighted revealed that the 2020 BECE students’ placement is scheduled to be released on Sunday 21st February 2021, between the hour of 11:30 pm and 12 midnight. If this turns to be true, then the BECE 2020 Students can begin to check their school placement from the said date and time.