What you mean by civil?

What you mean by civil?

The definition of civil refers to something related to citizens or showing good manners and being polite. An example of civil is a war between citizens of a country. An example of civil is when you are polite and say hello to someone, even if you don’t like him very much. adjective.

How do you use civilly in a sentence?

He walked away, taking leave of the man as civilly as though he had been a respectable member of society. She enquired civilly and even quietly into your situation, and approved the sentiments which naturally fell from me.

What is a sentence for the word civilian?

Civilian sentence example. A civilian dressed older man stepped forward. Floquet, then an elderly civilian , sufficed to check the enthusiasm of his following. It is characteristic of him that from this time onwards he never wore civilian dress.

What is civil behavior?

Civil behavior uses words and actions that show respect and courtesy towards others, whether or not you agree with what they say and do. Being civil helps to maintain positive social interactions.

What is a civil problem?

Court cases that involve disputes between people or businesses over money or some injury to personal rights are called “civil” cases. Ask for a “declaratory judgment,” meaning a court order stating the parties’ rights under a contract or statute.

What does civil manner mean?

civil, polite, and courteous mean following the rules of good behavior. civil is used for showing only enough proper behavior to avoid being actually rude. I know you’re angry but try to be civil. polite is used of good manners and thoughtfulness. The host was polite and made us feel at home.

What’s another word for civilly?

What is another word for civilly?

peacefully harmoniously
conciliatingly inoffensively
pacifically placatingly

How do you use D day in a sentence?

day of the allied landing in France, World War II.

  1. So, today is D-day, then?
  2. D-day for my departure was set for 29th June.
  3. The D-Day invasion was a concerted exercise by the armed forces of Britain, the US and Canada.
  4. The D-Day landings began on 6 June 1944, when Allied forces invaded Normandy.

Is a firefighter a civilian?

The U.S. Department of Defense employs civilians who are stationed at military bases to work as firefighters. This only applies to this organization, and not the Department of Defense. Various certifications exist for personnel in this organization.

How do you use civil law in a sentence?

The lecturer said that civil law was different from criminal law.

  • You have a remedy in civil law.
  • The lecturer continued that civil law was different to criminal law.
  • The civil law position is less problematical.
  • Normal practice in civil law countries is very different.
  • How do you use civil case in a sentence?

    Use ‘civil case’ in a Sentence There was a civil case in our terrible experience with each other. When a friend babysat a group of kids and her dog bit one of the kids in the face, the family took her to court in a civil case to pay for the surgeries due to the damage the dog caused.

    How to use civil case in a sentence?

    It was a civil case.

  • The hell can you do in a civil case?
  • The civil case also was looming,filed by six former altar boys against Llanos and the archdiocese.
  • In the civil case,the plaintiffs sought to shield him from such harsh treatment by limiting the scope of his testimony.
  • Can you use civility in a sentence?

    Civility costs nothing.

  • Please have the civility to knock before you enter next time.
  • He greeted us with civility.
  • You should show more civility to your host.
  • Beware their patina of civility,it’s only an act.
  • Staff members are trained to treat customers with civility at all times.
  • He was capable of acknowledging defeat with decent civility.