What was Greg Maddux nickname?

What was Greg Maddux nickname?

Mad DogThe Professor
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Why was Greg Maddux called the professor?

Greg Maddux: The Professor His two-seam fastball that would cut back on the on the hitter is one of the filthiest pitches in baseball history. When Maddux was younger pitching for the Chicago Cubs, the nickname Mad Dog played along with his last name. As he aged, The Professor is the one that sticks to him the most.

What is Kyle Hendricks nickname?

The Professor
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Pitcher | Chicago Cubs He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Dartmouth College in 2012. Hendricks is nicknamed “The Professor” by his teammates and fans. The nickname is not only a reference to Hendricks’ Ivy League education, but also an homage to Greg Maddux, who also sported the same nickname.

How many Maddux’s did Maddux throw?

Maddux (statistic)

Team Number Pitches Thrown
Boston Red Sox 10 98
Chicago Cubs 13 81
Chicago White Sox 8 88
Cincinnati Reds 11 91

How tall is Greg Maddux?

6′ 0″
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Did Greg Maddux ever throw a no hitter?

Greg Maddux He liked to let batters dig their own graves, encouraging them to swing early and hit the ball to his fielders. So, on the one hand, it’s not much of a surprise that he never threw a no-hitter.

Is Greg Maddux good?

Maddux is the only pitcher to record more than 300 wins, 3,000 strikeouts and fewer than 1,000 walks. He was the first pitcher in history to win four consecutive Cy Young Awards (1992 to 1995) and is the only one to win at least 15 games in 17 straight seasons.

How old is Greg Maddux?

55 years (April 14, 1966)
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How old is Jake Arrieta?

35 years (March 6, 1986)
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Who is Kris Bryant’s wife?

Jessica Delpm. 2017
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Bryant proposed to long-time girlfriend Jessica Delp in December 2015. They both grew up in Las Vegas and had dated since they were 16. They were married on January 7, 2017, with one of the groomsmen being Bryant’s teammate, Anthony Rizzo. They have one child, a son, who was born in April 2020.

Did Greg Maddux ever throw a perfect game?

July 22, 1997: Greg Maddux’s 78-pitch complete game.

How many intentional walks did Greg Maddux throw?

“Greg Maddux faced 20,421 batters during his career and only issued 293 four-pitch walks. 153 were intentional.”

What was Greg Maddux’s first appearance in the MLB?

At the time, Maddux was the youngest player in the majors. His first appearance in a major league game was as a pinch runner (for catcher Jody Davis) in the 17th inning against the Houston Astros. Maddux then pitched in the 18th inning, allowing a home run to Billy Hatcher and taking the loss.

Did Greg Maddux go to high school in Vegas?

Though Meder died before Maddux graduated from Valley High School in Las Vegas in 1984, he instilled a firm foundation that would anchor Maddux’s future career. While in Las Vegas, he played American Legion Baseball with Post 8. He was named the organization’s Graduate of the Year in 1984.

What happened to Greg Maddux in free agency?

Free agency was pending for Maddux, but contract talks with the Cubs became contentious and eventually ceased. Both Chicago general manager Larry Himes and Maddux’s agent, Scott Boras, accused the other of failing to negotiate in good faith.

What happened to Greg Maddux in the 2001 World Series?

In May 2001, Maddux became the first Braves pitcher since 1916 to throw two 1–0 shutouts in the same month. The first included a career-best 14 strikeouts. In July and August of that year, Maddux pitched 72 1⁄3 consecutive innings without giving up a walk; that streak ended when he intentionally threw four balls to Steve Finley.