What two Russian cities were influenced by the Byzantine Empire?

What two Russian cities were influenced by the Byzantine Empire?


  • The city of Kiev grew because of trade with the Byzantine Empire.
  • Kiev was located on a main water trade route and became a prosperous trading center, and from there many Russians visited Constantinople.

How was Russia influenced by the Byzantine Empire?

The Byzantine Empire influenced Russia through its religion — Eastern Orthodox Christianity — which Russia adopted. It also influenced Russia’s art and architecture, as many Byzantine artists moved to Moscow following the fall of Constantinople.

How did Byzantine Christianity influence Russian Orthodox Christianity?

Byzantine missionaries from the Orthodox Church spread their religion north to the Slavs. Two missionaries, Saint Methodius and Saint Cyril, converted many Russians to Christianity. To help themselves spread their religion they developed an alphabet for the Slavic languages called the Cyrillic alphabet.

Which empire was influenced by the Orthodox Church?

The Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire had an important cultural legacy, both on the Orthodox Church and on the revival of Greek and Roman studies, which influenced the Renaissance.

Which cultures influenced the development of Russia?

History of Russian Culture The development of Russian culture was greatly influenced by the arrival of Christianity in Kievan Rus; architecture, traditions and writing changed.

How was Russia influenced by the Byzantines and the Mongols?

After the Mongol Invasions, architecture declined, but Byzantine models still influenced subsequent Russian buildings, as evidenced in the Kremlin. Another significant result of the cultural exchanges between Byzantium and early Russia was that Byzantine chants and music were used in Russian Orthodox Church services.

How did Byzantine Christianity influence Russian Orthodox Christianity quizlet?

How did the Byzantines influence the Russians? One was that they converted all the Slavs (Early Russians) to Christianity. After that, they took on the Greek alphabet and converted all the Bibles into a Slavic tongue Which easily means that they gave them language.

How did Orthodox Christianity spread to Russia?

Christianity was apparently introduced into the East Slavic state of Kievan Rus by Greek missionaries from Byzantium in the 9th century. While Russia lay under Mongol rule from the 13th through the 15th century, the Russian church enjoyed a favoured position, obtaining immunity from taxation in 1270.

What was Byzantine Christianity known as?

Melkite Catholic Church . The word Melkite properly speaking originally designated all Byzantine Christians, both Catholic or Orthodox, of the Patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem.

How did Christianity influence the Byzantine Empire?

Christianity had a large impact on the Byzantine Empire and the cities it traded with due to the fact that it constructed a theocracy, fused with Greek literary styles to create a whole new breed of literature, and dictated what was taught in Byzantine schools.

Where was the Byzantine Empire?

Where was the Byzantine Empire? At its greatest extent, the Byzantine Empire covered much of the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including what is now Italy, Greece, and Turkey along with portions of North Africa and the Middle East.