What stretches across North Africa?

What stretches across North Africa?

The Sahara is the world’s largest desert; it extends across most of the northern part of Africa.

What landform stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea in northern Africa?

THE SAHARA IS THE world’s largest desert. Covering about 3,320,000 square mi (8,600,000 square km) it is roughly the size of the UNITED STATES. It extends across the whole of North Africa from the ATLANTIC OCEAN to the RED SEA, a distance of more than 3,500 mi (5,630 km).

What stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea?

Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea, an intercontinental sea that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean on the west to Asia on the east and separates Europe from Africa. It has often been called the incubator of Western civilization.

What divides North Africa from the rest of Africa?

The African Transition Zone
The African Transition Zone divides North Africa from the rest of Africa because of climatic and cultural dynamics. Cultural conflicts and desertification are frequent in the zone.

What mountains stretch across 3 countries in North Africa?

Atlas Mountains – The Atlas Mountains of North Africa stretch across Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. These magnificent peaks are categorized as a semi-arid mountain range since they’re located between the tropical waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean and the vastness of the Sahara Desert.

What 3 countries does the Kalahari desert stretch across?

It occupies almost all of Botswana, the eastern third of Namibia, and the northernmost part of Northern Cape province in South Africa.

Which desert stretches across most of northern Africa?

The Sahara is the worlds largest hot desert, covering 8.5 million square kilometers (3.3 million square miles), about the size of the South American country of Brazil. Defining Africa’s northern bulge, the Sahara makes up 25 percent of the continent.

How deep is the Atlantic Ocean?

Atlantic Ocean/Max depth

How is North Africa different from the rest of Africa?

North Africa is predominantly Arab and relatively more developed. Many residents identify more with the Middle East than they do with the larger part of the continent. But when it comes to an African identity, some sub-Saharan Africans believe they have more claim to the continent than their northern counterparts.

What is northern Africa known for?

Three main physical features of North Africa are the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert, and the Nile River. Most of North Africa’s population lives along the Mediterranean coast or along the Nile River. The ethnic majority in the Maghreb are Berber, with Arabs dominating in Egypt.