What size saddle does my pony need?

What size saddle does my pony need?

Under 16.5 inches — You probably need a 15-inch seat size in an English saddle. Between 16.5 and 18.5 inches — Look for a 16-inch saddle. Between 20 and 21.5 inches — Try a 17-inch saddle. Over 21.5 inches — Try an 18- or 19-inch seat size.

How do I know what saddle seat size I need?

To measure the seat of a western saddle you should measure from the back of the swell at the top of the gullet back to leading edge of the cantle. There should be approximately four inches between your crotch and the fork (or swells).

What size horse would a 15 saddle fit?

English Saddle Size Chart

Your Measurement Saddle Size
<16.5” 15” saddle
16.5” to 18.5” 16” saddle
18.5” to 20” 16.5” saddle
20” to 21.5” 17” saddle

What size saddle would fit a 13.2 pony?

I used to ride my 13.2 hand pony in a 16.5 inch saddle. With the length of your pony a 17″ should be fine for her too, its probably the angle of the saddle that is making it not fit. Use what is comfortable for you too.

What size Australian saddle do I need?

If you normally ride in a 17″ english saddle, then you need a 17″ Australian saddle. If you normally ride in a 15″ western saddle, then you ride in an Australian seat two inches larger, usually a 17″ seat.

What is a pony saddle?

Youth & Pony Saddle Size Information Youth and pony saddles are small-sized Western saddles appropriate for children and ponies. Most ponies’ backs aren’t long enough to accommodate even a smaller sized adult Western saddle, but pony saddles are cut to better fit a pony’s back.

How do you know if a saddle fits?

Take a look at the saddle on the horse. You should be able to stick two of your fingers between the saddle gullet and your horse’s withers. The saddle should have even contact along both sides of the bars. After girthing up, your saddle should look even on the horse’s back, not tipping up or drooping down.

What size saddle does my kid need?

You want to choose a saddle size that is about 10% longer than your child’s upper leg. For example, if your child’s upper leg is 9 inches long, you should get them a 10 inch youth saddle. If your child’s upper leg is 11 inches long, you will want to get them a 12 inch saddle.

What are Australian saddles used for?

The saddle is suitable for cattle work, starting young horses, everyday pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding, polocrosse and is also used in Australian campdrafting competitions and stockman challenges.

How heavy is a 13 hand pony?

The Polocrosse games have similar weight requirements. Riders of ponies 12.3 – 13.2 hands may not weigh more than 150 pounds. Riders of ponies 13.3 – 14.2 hands may not weigh more than 190 pounds. Riders that exceed 190 pounds may not participate.

What size saddle do I need for my horse?

Fitting The Saddle To The Rider Your Measurement Your Saddle Size Less than 16.5″ 15″ saddle Between 16.5″ and 18.5″ 16” saddle Between 18.5″ and 20″ 16.5” saddle Between 20″ and 21.5″ 17” saddle

How do you measure the rider for the saddle?

Measuring the rider for the saddle begins with determining the size of the seat. You are looking for comfort and freedom of movement but enough security when sitting upright in the saddle. Remember, you may be in the saddle for hours going up and down hills.

Why is it important to match a saddle to the horse?

For riding, a saddle is the most critical piece of equipment. Since horses and people come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, it is critical to ensure saddles are matched correctly to both the horse and rider to protect both participants. How do you size and measure a saddle for proper fit?

How do you make a saddle fitting tool for a horse?

While it may sound crude, you must make a saddle fitting tool. From a coated wire, cut a sixteen-inch piece of the wire and mark the exact middle. It must be easily molded to fit the horse’s shape and retain that shape when removed from the horse.