What kind of star is muliphen?

What kind of star is muliphen?

Wezen is located in the constellation Canis Major. Best known for its bright stars Sirius and Adhara, Canis Major has been known to observers since ancient times….Wezen – Delta Canis Majoris.

Spectral class F8 Ia
Mass 16.9 ± 1.6 M☉
Luminosity 82,000 L☉
Radius 215 ± 66 R☉
Temperature 6,390 ± 150 K

Has a bayer name Gamma Canis Majoris?

γ Canis Majoris (Latinised to Gamma Canis Majoris) is the star’s Bayer designation. The WGSN approved the name Muliphein for this star on 21 August 2016 and it is now so entered in the IAU Catalog of Star Names.

How far away is Wezen from Earth?

1,607 light years
Delta Canis Majoris/Distance to Earth

What is the luminosity of Aludra?

105,400 L☉
Eta Canis Majoris/Luminosity
A blue-white supergiant of spectral type B5Ia, Aludra has a luminosity 176,000 times and a diameter around 80 times that of the Sun. Hohle and colleagues, using the parallax, extinction and analysis of spectrum, came up with a mass 19.19 times that and luminosity 105,442 times that of the Sun.

What color is Wezen?

Delta Canis Majoris (Latinised from δ Canis Majoris, abbreviated Delta CMa, δ CMa), officially named Wezen /ˈwiːzən/, is a star in the constellation of Canis Major. It is a yellow-white F-type supergiant with an apparent magnitude of +1.83.

What is the luminosity of Wezen?

82,000 L☉
Delta Canis Majoris/Luminosity

What is the diameter of Antares?

587.91 million mi

How hot is VY Canis Majoris?

3,490 K
VY Canis Majoris/Surface temperature

Is Wezen a supergiant?

Is Antares bigger than Betelgeuse?

Antares has a diameter of ≈ 700 times that of the Sun, or about 1 billion kilometers. Betelgeuse has a diameter ≈ 1300 times that of the Sun.

Is Antares bigger than the sun?

Antares is only 15 times more massive but 680 times as large as the sun. Most of that is nebulous. An interesting comparison would be density as a function of radius.

How long would it take to fly around VY Canis Majoris?

1.100 years
If you would fly around VY Canis Majoris into a passenger airplane traveling at around 559 m.p.h / 900 km an hour, it would take you 1.100 years to complete one circuit. VY Canis Majoris’s volume is around 3 billion times bigger than the Sun’s.