What is the theme of the Million-Dollar Throw?

What is the theme of the Million-Dollar Throw?

The theme of friendship is an important one in Million-Dollar Throw. Nate has several friends on the football team but his primary friendship is with Abby McCall. Nate and Abby have known each other for several years and trust each other implicitly.

Does Nate make the Million-Dollar Throw?

Ultimately, he meets his football hero, the Patriots’ Tom Brady, on the night of the throwing contest. Nate wins the contest and offers the million dollars to Abby so that she can have surgery to correct her eyesight.

What is Abby’s last name in Million-Dollar Throw?

Abby McCall is best friends with the main character Nate Brodie, the star quarterback on his school football team. Abby can be considered a best friend because she always stood by Nate’s side, and helped him through tough times.

What is the setting of Million-Dollar Throw?

The setting of this book is in a small town in Massachusetts called valley. The year is 2009 and a young boy named Nate Brodie, who just won a contest to make a football through a 20 inch hole 30 yards away on Thanksgiving night during the New England Patriots game.

What is the main conflict in Million Dollar throw?

Conflict. Another conflict is that Nate’s best friend Abby is going blind and has to go away to a special school for the blind. The main conflict though is Nate is practicing every night just to make that throw. Some nights he has to stay up late just to make the ball in the 20 inch circle.

What health problem was Abby dealing with the Million Dollar throw?

Parents need to know that although this book will mostly satisfy sports lovers and football fanatics, it has a strong plot about Nate helping his best friend Abby deal with the onset of blindness.

What age is Million Dollar throw for?

Ages 10–up.

What point of view is Million throw?

Like many novels, Million-Dollar Throw is written in the third person omniscient point of view.

What is the resolution in Million Dollar throw?

Resolution: The resolution in the story was when Nate made the throw for a million dollars at Gillette stadium. He then used the money to cure Abby from going blind.

What is the climax of Million Dollar throw?

The climax of the book is when Nate is chosen to make the million-dollar throw at half time of the Patriots Thanksgiving game. The falling action of the book is when Nate makes the throw and his family gets a million dollars.

What did Nate discover while doing some research on the Internet?

On the internet, Nate found a cure for Abby’s eye sight– but it was very expensive and they couldn’t afford it. Since Nate is a very generous boy, he decided to put most of the money he won into Abby’ eye surgery so she can see very well and for ever.

What genre is Million Dollar throw?

Million-Dollar Throw/Genres

What is the genre of the book Million Dollar throw?

Million-Dollar Throw. Million-Dollar Throw Mike Lupica (author) Sports Fiction (genre) Million-Dollar Throw Million-Dollar Throw, revolves around the genre Sports Fiction. This book is about a kid named Nate Brodie and his fist clinching adventure. Nate Brodie is a thirteen year old star quarterback.

Who is the main character in the book Million Dollar throw?

In the book, “Million Dollar Throw,” by Mike Lupica, the main character is a boy named Nate Brodie. Nate and his parents live in Valley, Massachusetts. His dad worked real-estate and his mom didn’t have a job, but his dad lost his job so then the mom had to get one, and the dad had to find two more jobs.

What grade level is million dollar throw?

Overview Mike Lupica’s 2009 novel, Million-Dollar Throw, is about Nate Brodie, a 13-year-old quarterback who is the star of his eighth-grade football team. The novel is geared towards middle schoolers, with simple language and a straightforward plot.

What is the Million Dollar throw in Tom Brady’s throw?

Million-Dollar Throw. The Brady Ball is a footbal,l signed by Tom Brady in a nearby mall. When Nate buys this ball, the clerk at the mall offers Nate to sign up for The Million Dollar Throw. This contest of the winner of the drawing to throw a football from thirty yards away at halftime of the Patriot’s game on Thanksgiving night.