What is the root word for prearrange?

What is the root word for prearrange?

Prearrange adds the “before” prefix pre- to arrange, from the Old French a, “to,” and rangier, “set in a row.”

Is it pre arrange or prearrange?

verb (used with object), pre·ar·ranged, pre·ar·rang·ing. to arrange in advance or beforehand.

What is a sentence for prearrange?

1. At a prearranged signal, everyone started moving forwards. 2. Boats picked us up at pre-arranged rendezvous.

What does the word prehistoric means?

Definition of prehistoric 1 : of, relating to, or existing in times antedating written history. 2 : of or relating to a language in a period of its development from which contemporary records of its sounds and forms have not been preserved. 3 : regarded as being outdated or outmoded prehistoric attitudes.

What is the synonym of prearrange?

arranged beforehand. We met at a prearranged time. Synonyms. predetermined.

Is Unarranged a word?

Meaning of “unarranged” in the English dictionary Unarranged is an adjective. The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.

How do you use preliminary in a sentence?

Preliminary sentence example

  1. That event was so important it requires some preliminary explanation.
  2. All the other preliminary examinations were conducted in the same manner.
  3. Perhaps it is even indispensable as a preliminary statement.

How do you use deactivate in a sentence?

1. The intention was simple, to destroy or deactivate any cancer cells in my body. 2. Do you know how to deactivate the alarm?

What does prehistoric mean in kid language?

definition: belonging to a period in a time before written history.

Does prehistoric mean dinosaurs?

of or relating to the time or a period prior to recorded history: The dinosaur is a prehistoric beast.

Is predetermined one word?

verb (used with object), pre·de·ter·mined, pre·de·ter·min·ing. to settle or decide in advance: He had predetermined his answer to the offer.

What is a synonym for pre?

Before; used to form words meaning in front of (in space). Synonyms: before, ante-, in front of, for- Antonyms: after-, post-

What does prearrange mean?

prearranges; prearranged; prearranging. Learner’s definition of PREARRANGE. [+ object] : to plan or decide (something) before it happens : to arrange (something) in advance. The details of the ceremony were carefully prearranged.

What is another word for prearrange for?

English Language Learners Definition of prearrange. : to plan or decide (something) before it happens : to arrange (something) in advance. What is another word for prearrange for? other words for prearrange. compute. prioritize. register. set up. arrange. bill. book. budget.

How can prearrange be used in a sentence?

At a prearranged signal,everyone started moving forwards.

  • Boats picked us up at pre-arranged rendezvous.
  • The platoon made its way to the pre-arranged rendezvous in the desert.
  • Working to a prearranged plan,he rang the First Secretary and requested an appointment with the Ambassador.
  • At a pre-arranged signal,everyone started cheering.