What is the resolution of the book No talking?

What is the resolution of the book No talking?

The conflict is resolved when Lynsey speaks out just enough words to cause the girls’ negative points to equal the boys’ negative points. The competition ends in a draw. Dave realizes what Lynsey did, and the two end the story as friends.

What happened at the end of no talking?

At the end of the story, the boys and girls of the fifth-grade class tie over their bet. The bet was over whether boys or girls talked more. She thanks them—and her words make the boys and girls equal in terms of the bet. No one wins or loses.

What is the setting of No Talking by Andrew Clements?

Setting is Laketon Elementary School which is in a medium-sized town in New Jersey. Most events happen in the cafeteria and social studies class. Dave Packer started the contest of not talking inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who didn’t talk for a whole week!

Who are the main characters in No Talking by Andrew Clements?

Both Dave and Lynsey are in Mr. Burton’s final language arts class of the day, so they pass notes to each other. They taunt each other about the mistakes they have made that day, and eventually they decide to add a one-on-one competition to the group challenge.

Who is Andrew Clements in ‘no talking’?

Synopsys: “In No Talking, Andrew Clements portrays a battle of wills between some spunky kids and a creative teacher with the perfect pitch for elementary school life that made Frindle an instant classic.

What grade does Dave go to in the book No Talking?

In the book NO talking by: ANDREW CLEMENTS THERES a boy named Dave Packer, Dave is in fifth grade. Dave goes to Laketon Elementary school .The fifth graders are the noisiest in there school.

What’s a 3-day ‘no talking’ contest?

Andrew Clements does it again! I loved this story of a group of fifth-graders who, divided into boys vs. girls, hold a 3-day “no talking” contest. They limit themselves to 3-word phrases or sentences, only to be used with teachers; communication with everyone else must be done by writing, gestures, mime, facial expressions, or sign language.

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