What is the purpose of a plat map?

What is the purpose of a plat map?

A plat map, known simply as “plat”, is a map drawn to scale by a civil engineer and shows the divisions of a piece of land – and in your case, your new property!. Your plat map is often given to you from your title company and is a guide of important information for you to look over.

Is a plat map the same as a survey?

Is a plat map the same as a survey? Not exactly. A plat map is a survey, but covers large areas and not individual plots of land.

How do I get a plot map of my property?

Any local title firm can obtain a formal copy of the plot plan, and some real estate offices pay fees to access the formal maps from the title companies or government agencies. Contact a real estate agent or request a preliminary or formal title report for a copy of the plot plan.

What is an example of a plat?

A plat is another name for a subdivision. For example, Fircrest is a well known city of about 6,000 near Tacoma. Residents know that Fircrest is not just one neighborhood, but a combination of many unique, smaller communities.

Is a plat the same as a deed?

Easements within a subdivision – plat maps show the easements associated with a property. The information is compared with deed documents to show legal land use.

Do you need a plat to build a house?

A plat map is required if a piece of land is to be subdivided into lots for building homes or if the land is to be made into a public-access location, like a park. This map is also typically included in the paperwork you get when you buy a home.

Is a plat as good as a survey?

What is the difference between a plat and a survey? One of the main differences is that platting tends to cover more parcels than a land survey. The other main difference is that platting shows planned improvements, while surveys show improvements already made on the land, such as buildings.

What is the difference between plat and plot?

A plat is a map of a land area, usually on the scale of a neighborhood or county township, and a plot is a piece of land used for a single purpose (such as a park or a home). Essentially, a plat map records the collection of plots that make up a neighborhood.

Is there a way to see property lines on Google Earth?

Does Google Earth show property lines? Google Earth used to display property lines, however, this feature is no longer available.

Is a plat a braid?

noun A plaited or braided thing; something produced by plaiting or interweaving: as, straw plat for hats; a plat of hair. noun Nautical, a braid of foxes.