What is the plot of the ultimate gift?

What is the plot of the ultimate gift?

Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) lives a life of wealth and privilege. When his grandfather (James Garner) dies, Jason expects to receive a hefty inheritance. Instead, however, Jason must set out on a journey of self-discovery to earn the true gift his grandfather meant for him to have. Along the way, Jason befriends a dying girl (Abigail Breslin) and her mother (Ali Hillis) and learns what is really important in life.
The Ultimate Gift/Film synopsis

Where was ultimate gift filmed?

Charlotte, NC
We shot the film in Charlotte, NC, where I lived for over 15 years. My favorite part of the filming process was getting to bring my parents to the set for a couple of weeks. I even got to throw them into a hospital scene as extras. It was also amazing to be reunited with Ali Hillis (who played Alexia in the film).

What happened to Jason’s father in the ultimate gift?

Jason learns to repair and restock its books. And even though he’s struggled to forgive his grandfather for a plane crash that killed his father (near that village), a friend of Red’s tells Jason, “He had one desire and one desire alone: To ask your forgiveness.”

What did Jason do with the $100 million he received from his grandfather?

With his inheritance, Jason chooses to build a hospital, called Emily’s Home, for patients with terminal illnesses, but before the building begins, Emily dies.

Was Red Stevens a real person?

Red Stevens was a self-made man who gave his family everything-and ruined them in the process. Now, as his estate of oil companies and cattle ranches is divided among greedy and self-serving relatives, one member is singled out for something special: Red’s great-nephew, Jason.

What are Jason’s priorities in the ultimate gift?

For his reckless and selfish grandson Jason Stevens, who hated him, Red assigns twelve apparently simple tasks called “gifts” – of work, money, friends, learning, problems, family, laughter, dreams, giving, gratitude, a day and love – challenging the playboy Jason to a journey of discoveries.

Is Red Stevens a real person?

What were the rules that Jason had to follow to get red Steven’s inheritance?

“He loved you too much to do that.” What were the rules that Jason had to follow to get his inheritance? He had to meet with Mr. Hamilton on the last day of the month for 12 months.

What does red leave to his grandson Jason?

What are the twelve gifts in The Ultimate Gift?

How did Jason fulfill the gift of giving task What does Jason learn from this task that required him to give away money?

Gift of Money: Jason gave money to people who needed it. he learned that giving money away to other people made him happy. He discovered that people who have no material things but a passion to learn and true love of learning are really quite wealthy.

What are the twelve gifts in the ultimate gift?

Is the Ultimate Gift based on a true story?

The Ultimate Gift is a fictional story, but it teaches a lesson that is very real. It begins with the main character Jason. He is attending the reading of his great Uncle’s will.

What is the summary of the book Jason and the gift?

Jason, a reckless young man sets in pursuit for the ultimate gift which his late grandfather had promised in his will. Jason started alone, but on the way he meets a bunch of individuals who give him valuable lessons of life. At the end Jason surprises himself and others, to lay his hands on the ultimate gift.

What happens at the end of the book The Gift?

At the end Jason surprises himself and others, to lay his hands on the ultimate gift. After the death of the oil tycoon Howard ‘Red’ Stevens, his greedy family is gathered in the office of his lawyer, partner and friend Mr. Theophillis ‘Ted’ Hamilton and his associated Miss Hastings for the reading of the will.

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