What is the meaning word of unencumbered?

What is the meaning word of unencumbered?

When you’re unencumbered, you’re free of baggage: either you literally don’t have a lot of stuff to carry, or you’re emotionally care-free. In both senses being unencumbered means you feel light: either literally or emotionally.

How do you use the word unencumbered?

Unencumbered in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because she had her official transcripts, the woman was unencumbered to move on to any college she wanted.
  2. The program’s funds were unencumbered and the director was able to spend the money on anything that was needed.

What is the difference between encumbered and unencumbered?

As adjectives the difference between unencumbered and encumbered. is that unencumbered is not burdened with worries, cares or responsibilities while encumbered is weighted down, loaded sufficiently to make slow.

What is unencumbered Poe?

Being unencumbered is a status gained by not having any main hand item, off hand item or gloves equipped. This makes it a stricter version of unarmed, with the additional prerequisite of no gloves, shield, or quiver equipped. This means that an unencumbered character is also unarmed.

What is Lasity?

Laxity is a tendency of being too easy-going, or not strict enough. If your teacher doesn’t punish her math class for climbing out the classroom windows, she may be accused of laxity. A government’s laxity with regulations can result in big companies taking advantage of the situation.

What is unencumbered balance?

An unencumbered balance is that portion of an appropriation that has not yet been spent or tagged for use. Thus, it is the amount of money remaining that is available for use.

What does Incumber mean?

1. to impede or hinder; hamper. 2. to block up or fill with superfluous or obstructive things.

What skills work with hollow palm technique?

You can use all Unarmed Skills like Cyclone, Infernal Blow, Ice Crash, Consecrated Path, Frenzy, Dominating Blow, Smite, and Tectonic Slam.

What is the meaning of impassivity?

adjective. without emotion; apathetic; unmoved. calm; serene. unconscious; insensible. not subject to suffering.

What is the meaning of slackness?

the state of being slower and less active than usual: Low sales figures were partly because of normal mid-summer slackness in/of demand. disapproving. the fact that a person or organization is not working as well or as hard as they should: The inspector criticized the slackness and incompetence of the staff.

What are unencumbered approved securities?

`unencumbered approved securities’ or `unencumbered securities’ includes the securities lodged by the company with another institution for an advance or any other arrangement to the extent to which such securities have not been drawn against or availed of or encumbered in any manner.