What is the meaning of preferential issue of shares?

What is the meaning of preferential issue of shares?

Preferential issue of shares refers to the procedure of bulk allotment of fresh shares to a specific group of individuals, venture capitalists, companies, or any other person by any particular company for fund raising. This process is termed as the preferential allotment of shares.

Is preferential allotment of shares good?

Amongst all the stated methods, preferential allotment seems to be the best source of fundraising for the companies listed on the stock exchange. The preferential allotment is considered as a hybrid financing instrument since it has attributes of both debt and equity.

What are the benefits of preference shares?


  • Appeal to Cautious Investors: Preference shares can be easily sold to investors who prefer reasonable safety of their capital and want a regular and fixed return on it.
  • No Obligation for Dividends:
  • No Interference:
  • Trading on Equity:
  • No Charge on Assets:
  • Flexibility:
  • Variety:

Why do companies prefer to allot preferential shares?

Why companies do preferential allotment? Companies go for preferential allotment as it is one of the fastest way to increase shares capital and bringing capital in company. Moreover, when a company raise capital in this way it becomes the asset of company as it leads to increase in existing shares capital.

Is section 42 applicable to private companies?

A company making a private placement cannot offer its securities through any public advertisements or utilise any marketing, media, or distribution agents or channels to inform the public about such an offer. …

What does preferential basis mean?

adj. 1 showing or resulting from preference. 2 giving, receiving, or originating from preference in international trade.

What is the difference between right issue and preferential allotment?

The main difference between Right Issue and Preferential Allotment is that the Rights Issue is an offer to existing shareholders. In contrast, Preferential Allotment is the offer under which shares are allotted to a specified group of people.

What are the guidelines for making preferential issue of shares?

The pricing guidelines for preferential issues were first introduced on August 04, 1994 mandating that the issue price shall not be less than average of weekly high and low of the closing prices for six months or average of weekly high and low of the closing prices for two weeks preceding the relevant date.

Can I sell preference shares?

After a fixed period, a preference shareholder can sell his/ her preference shares back to the company. You can’t do that with ordinary shares. You will have to sell your shares to any other buyer in the stock market. You can only sell your shares back to the company if the company announces a buyback offer.

What is preference shares and its advantages and disadvantages?

Benefits are in the form of an absence of a legal obligation to pay the dividend, improves borrowing capacity, saves dilution in control of existing shareholders and no charge on assets. The major disadvantage is that it is a costly source of finance and has preferential rights everywhere.

What is preferential basis?

Issue of Shares on Preferential Basis is a process by which the shares and securities are allotted on a preferential basis to a specific selected group of investors.

What is preferential placement?

Private Placement. Preferential Allotment. Meaning. The offering of securities by a company to a given group of specific investors. Issuing of share and other company securities to a person and is mainly based on a preferential basis.

What is preferential issue of shares through preferential basis?

Issue of Shares through preferential basis is the fastest way to raise capital after availing company registration for the establishment. Section 62 (Allotment of Shares) and Section 42 (Allotment of Securities) of Companies Act, 2013, provides for the Issue of Shares on Preferential Basis.

What are the benefits of preference shareholders?

Furthermore, if the Company has to close down or fails in future, the Preference Shareholders have the right to have their capital repaid. Hence, this significantly reduces the risk of loss. A Preferential Issue is the Issue of Shares or Securities by Company to a selected group of investors.

What is preference share allotment?

Under Section 81 of the Companies Act, 1956 which is neither a rights issue nor a public issue. Company which allots shares states that whenever it will pay dividend, preference shares holders will be paid first. Follow Preferential allotment is biggest par of primary market.

What is a preferential issue in tech control?

Tech Control. A preferential issue is an issue of shares or of convertible securities by listed companies to a select group of persons under Section 81 of the Companies Act, 1956 which is neither a rights issue nor a public issue. This is a faster way for a company to raise equity capital.