What is the longest paper chain?

What is the longest paper chain?

A paper chain measuring 87.44 km (54.33 miles) long was made by 60 people in 24 hours at Paul. D Camp Community College in Franklin, Virginia, USA on 4–5 June 2005. The event was organized by Downtown Franklin Association with the City of Franklin, Virginia, USA.

How long is the longest paper clip chain?

The longest paperclip chain by an individual is 2,527 m (8,290 ft 8.19 in), and was achieved by Imran Sharif (Bangladesh), in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 15 February 2019.

How many chains is the longest paper chain?

On March 14th, 2016 students and faculty members worked together too create the longest paper Pi Chain in the world! It took from 9 am to 4 pm to create chains that amounted to 77,000 links, and from 4 to 7:30 to finish arranging all chains in the correct order.

What is the longest chain length?

On 11 December 2004, over 5 million people joined hands to form a human chain, 1,050 km (652.4 miles) long from Teknaf to Tentulia, Bangladesh.

How long is the longest paper Slinky?

At 4 feet high and 100 feet long when fully stretched, the Slinky is the world’s largest, created by Ashland-based artist and owner of MCS Design & Production, Inc., Allen W. Jessee.

What are the easiest world records to beat?

10 World Records to break while you are stuck at home

  • Fastest time to assemble Mr.
  • Fastest time to eat a 12-inch pizza using a knife and fork.
  • Most football touches in 30 seconds.
  • Most Clothes Pegs Clipped to the Face in 60 seconds.
  • Most push ups with claps in 60 seconds.
  • Most T-shirts put on in 60 seconds.

What is the world record for the most paper clips?

Frase said the current world record is about 70,000 paper clips linked together, just over 1.5 miles of paper clips.

How long is a long chain?

Instead, choose a necklace 20- to 24-inches long; this will elongate your type of neck and make it more swan-like….

Length Placement
20 inches Collarbone; most common size
22 inches A few inches below the collarbone; medallion can be added
24 inches Above the breastbone

Is 24 inch chain too long?

A 24 inch necklace on a petite woman may hang down too far just as the same necklace may be ideal for a larger woman. In general, the shorter the necklace, the more important the size. Necklaces that are too short may not fit at all.

What is the longest paper spring?

The longest paper spring was constructed by 3rd graders at Fort Washington Elemantary School, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, USA in February 2011. It measured 150 m [500 ft].

How long can you make a piece of paper?

A piece of paper can, in fact, be folded more than 7 times. It has been done many times in many places all around the world. For all those who didn’t know this, there are plenty of people who argue that you can only fold a piece of paper in half a maximum of 7 times. Go ahead, give it a try.

What is the world record for the longest paper chain?

The longest paper chain by an individual measures 779.21 m (2,556 ft 5.5 in) long and was achieved by Julie McKinney (USA) in Fishers, Indiana, USA, on 22 June 2014.

How long is the world record for a paper chain?

According to Guinness World Records the longest paperclip chain by an individual in 24 hours is 5,340ft long. One 35.63 km long was completed by students. Tags: student, guinness world records.

How long is the worlds longest crocheted chain?

The longest crochet chain measures 130 km (80.78 miles) and was created by Anne Vanier-Drüssel (France). It was presented and measured in Aniane , France, on 14 October 2009.

What is the longest daisy chain?

The longest daisy chain that made it into the Guinness World Records measured at 6,980 feet, 7 inches (2.12km), made by the villagers of Good Easter on 27th May 1985. And in 1975, the Deanery Players earned themselves a place in the Guinness Book of Records when they made the longest daisy chain at that time which measured 3,234 feet.