What is the Hawaiian spirit called?

What is the Hawaiian spirit called?

the Aloha Spirit
In Hawaii we call it the Aloha Spirit. To a tourist, Aloha is a salutation. It is used to say both hello and good-bye, but the actual spirit of Aloha goes well beyond anything you’ll find in a dictionary. In its simplest form, Aloha is love.

What does Mohola mean?

(HawaiiNewsNow) – The Hawaiian Word of the Day is mohala. Mohala means to “unfold” or blossom, like the petals of a flower would. The word mohala can also be used to describe a young man or woman, just past adolescence who has blossomed into an adult.

What is the Hawaiian word for healing?

ʻōla To save, heal, cure, spare; salvation; healer; savior. Poʻe i kūʻai hoʻōla ʻia (Isa. 35.10), ransomed people.

What is my aumakua?

In Hawaiian mythology, an ʻaumakua (/ʔaʊmɑːˈkuə/; often spelled aumakua, plural, ‘aumākua) is a personal or family god that originated as a deified ancestor, and which takes on physical forms such as spirit vehicles. An ‘aumakua may manifest as a shark, owl, bird, octopus, or inanimate objects such as plants or rocks.

What does Mahaloz mean?

Pronounced ah-oh-leh pee-lee-kee-yah If someone says ‘Mahalo’ to you, this is the phrase to respond with.

What is the Hawaiian word for energy?

In the native Hawaiian culture, the sacred term mana is known as spiritual energy of power and strength. It’s possible for mana to be present in objects and people.

What does PII mean in Hawaiian?

To ascend
Pii (pi’i), v. 1. To ascend; to go up in various ways; to ascend, as a mountain or hill; to go up, as from a low place to a higher.

What does seeing a PUEO mean?

A pueo, or Hawaiian short-eared owl, hovers at Hoepa. “Now for the Hawaiian people, the owl actually is a symbol of luck—good things. But if it flew in front of what you were riding, then it was not a good omen. Of course the owl is such an elegant bird.