What is the farthest punt in NFL history?

What is the farthest punt in NFL history?

On September 21, 1969, Jets rookie punter Steve O’Neal booted the longest punt in NFL history–a 98-yard blast against the Broncos.

What is the farthest football punt?

Therefore, we present to you the 98-yard punt by New York’s Steve O’Neal in 1969. As you can see it’s a kick that began from his team’s 1-yard line and was downed at the Broncos’ 1-yard line. It, of course, is the longest possible punt to be recorded that is NOT a touchback.

Who is the most accurate punter in NFL history?


Rank Player Y/P
1 Michael Dickson 47.6
Shane Lechler 47.6
3 Tress Way 46.9
Cameron Johnston 46.9

Who has the 3rd longest punt in NFL history?

Randall Cunningham’s punt officially went for 91 yards and is still the third-longest punt in the history of pro football. The longest punt ever was a 98-yarder by Steve O’Neal of the Jets back in 1969. That is followed by the 93-yarder off the foot of the Patriots’ Shawn McCarthy in 1991.

Has a punt ever made a field goal?

A field goal cannot be scored on a punt kick. By contrast, the now very rarely attempted drop kick can be used to score either field goals or extra points in both American and Canadian football.

Who kicked the farthest punt?

In 1969, New York Jets punter Steve O’Neal did much more than that against the Denver Broncos. Standing inside his own end zone at Mile High Stadium, O’Neal boomed one so good that it became the longest punt in NFL history, and it will likely never be topped.

What was Ray Guy’s punting average?

Guy led the NFL in punting in 1974, 1975, and 1977 and finished second three times and third once. A veteran of 22 post-season games, he added 111 punts for a 42.4 average to his career totals. He played in seven Pro Bowls and was named All-Pro six times and All-AFC seven times.

Who is the best long snapper of all time?

Detroit Lions cutting Don Muhlbach, one of the all-time great long snappers in NFL history. ALLEN PARK — Death and taxes eventually come for us all. For Don Muhlbach, who has played in more games than all but 36 players in the history of this game, today is that day.

Can you kick a punt back?

Punts can be some of the most boring aspects of the wonderful game of football. The kicking team cannot recover their own punt, except for the kicker and any players that were behind the kicker when he kicked.

Can a kicker catch his own punt?

Yes, when punting the punter himself as well as any of his teammates have the option to catch the ball. Though when a punt is caught by the punting team they do not remain in possession of the ball.

Has a punter ever scored a touchdown?

The Philadelphia Eagles and their “Philly Special” trickeration have nothing on the Miami Dolphins, who executed what trickiest of trick plays of this season on a punter-to-kicker touchdown in their upset win Sunday over the Eagles. Sanders is the first kicker with a receiving touchdown since Jim Turner on Oct.