What is the coldest temperature on Jupiter?

What is the coldest temperature on Jupiter?

Jupiter – minus 162°F (-108°C) Saturn – minus 218°F (-138°C) Uranus – minus 320°F (-195°C)

What is the temperature on Jupiter’s surface?

Since Jupiter is a gas giant, it has no solid surface, so it has no surface temperature. But measurements taken from the top of Jupiter’s clouds indicate a temperature of approximately -145°C. Closer to the center, the planet’s temperature increases due to atmospheric pressure.

Is Jupiter cold or hot?

It is estimated that the temperature of the cloud tops are about -280 degrees F. Overall, Jupiter’s average temperature is -238 degrees F. Since Jupiter is only tilted slightly more then 3 degrees on its axis, seasonal fluctuations are minimal.

Does Jupiter have a solid surface?

Surface. As a gas giant, Jupiter doesn’t have a true surface. The planet is mostly swirling gases and liquids. While a spacecraft would have nowhere to land on Jupiter, it wouldn’t be able to fly through unscathed either.

What part of Jupiter is cold?

Astronomers describe the Great Cold Spot as a localized dark spot, up to 14,913 miles (24,000 km) in longitude and 7,456 miles (12,000 km) in latitude, in Jupiter’s thin high-altitude thermosphere. The spot is about 360 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius) cooler than the surrounding atmosphere.

Is Uranus cold?

Uranus is the third “gas giant” planet of four in proximity to the Sun. speeds on Uranus range from 90 to 360 mph and the planet’s average temperature is a frigid -353 degrees F. The coldest temperature found in Uranus’ lower atmosphere so far is -371 degrees F., which rivals Neptune’s frigid temperatures.

What is the average temperature of Jupiter?

What is the Temperature of Jupiter? With an average temperature of minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 145 degrees Celsius), Jupiter is frigid even in its warmest weather.

What is the world’s coldest temperature?

All is revealed in this awesome infographic created by BBC Future back in 2013. Most people are pretty familiar with absolute zero, it’s -273.15 degrees Celsius (-459.67 degrees Fahrenheit), and it’s the lowest possible temperature that can ever be achieved, according to the laws of physics as we know them.

How cold does it get on Mercury at night?

It can be as cold as -290 degrees Fahrenheit (-179 degrees Celsius) on Mercury at night. Temperatures for the gas and ice giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) are taken from a level in the atmosphere equal in pressure to sea level on Earth.

What state has the coldest temperature in the lower 48?

Rogers Pass, Montana, which holds the record for coldest temperature in the Lower 48, 70 degrees below zero, rises to an elevation of 5,610 feet above sea level and is located on the Continental…