What is the address of the Hershey factory?

What is the address of the Hershey factory?

Hershey Company 1025 Reese Ave Hershey, PA Candy & Confectionery Manufacturers – MapQuest.

What is the address of the Hershey Company headquarters?

Derry Township, PA
The Hershey Company/Headquarters

Who are the manufacturers of chocolate?

  • Mars Wrigley Confectionery (USA)
  • Ferrero Group (Luxembourg / Italy)
  • Mondelēz International (USA)
  • Meiji Co Ltd (Japan)
  • Hershey Co (USA)
  • Nestlé SA (Switzerland)
  • Lindt & Sprüngli AG (Switzerland)
  • Pladis (UK)

Where is the largest chocolate manufacturer?

The candy company Mars controls a 14.4 percent share of the global chocolate market, making it the largest chocolate company in the world. Mars is famous for such chocolate candy brands as M&M’s, Snickers, and Twix to name a few.

What is the zip code for Hershey Pennsylvania?

Hershey/Zip codes

How many distribution centers does Hershey have?

five distribution centers
The Hershey Company has five distribution centers, which handle more than two billion pounds of chocolate annually and ship over 100,000 refrigerated truckloads per year, and they use common carries to deliver these products from the distribution centers to the customers (“Sweet Success”, 2015) (“The Hershey Company – …

Who is the CEO of Hershey?

Michele Buck (Mar 1, 2017–)
The Hershey Company/CEO
Michele Buck brings more than 25 years of consumer packaged goods experience to her role as Hershey’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and 12th President and Chief Executive Officer.

Which company makes chocolate answer?

Campco. Campco chocolate factory from Karnataka is not only into the manufacturing of chocolates but also one of the largest producer of Arecanut, Rubber, Pepper and cocoa in India.

Who is the best chocolate company?

Here, we chart the top 10 chocolate-producing companies, ranked by annual sales.

  • Pladis.
  • Lindt & Sprungli AG.
  • Nestle SA.
  • The Hershey Company.
  • Meiji Co Ltd.
  • Mondelez International.
  • Ferrero Group.
  • Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

Where is Nestle chocolate manufactured?

VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — Nestle has created 70% dark chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit. The company said its new confectionery, which uses cocoa beans and pulp as the only ingredients, delivers natural sweetness and subtle acidity without added refined sugar.

What’s Pennsylvania zip code?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 150 in Pennsylvania

Zip Code City County
15001 West Aliquippa Beaver County
15001 Aliquippa Beaver County
15003 Fairoaks Beaver County
15003 Ambridge Beaver County

What is the zip code for Palmyra PA?

Palmyra/Zip codes

Who is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world?

Large chocolate manufacturer, with US$30 billion revenue in 2008. Mast Brothers is a small manufacturer with flagships in Brooklyn, London, and most recently Los Angeles. A part of the Brooklyn craft movement and NYC’s first bean-to-bar producers. Mayordomo is a producer of chocolate made from local cacao.

Who is Blommer Chocolate Company?

Chocolate Manufacturer and Supplier – Blommer Chocolate Company Fully Integrated Chocolate Supplier and Manufacturer Blommer Chocolate Company is the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America.

Where is Bean to bar chocolate made?

Bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers. The product line includes organic and fair-trade products. In addition to the Chicago factory, Blommer operates factories in East Greenville, PA; Union City, CA; Campbellford, Ontario; and Shanghai, China. They also own World’s Finest Chocolate in Chicago.

Why do some companies own the entire chocolate process?

Some are large companies that own the entire process for economic reasons; others aim to control the whole process to improve quality, working conditions, or environmental impact. Single origin chocolate bars. Artisan producer of dark chocolate and related products made of Mexican cacao.