What is so great about Lil Wayne?

What is so great about Lil Wayne?

Baby by saying, “Lil Wayne is the greatest. Not only because of his music, but also because of the culture he put behind it. From his lyrical style to his clever wordplay and chart-topping hits, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is an indisputable trailblazer in the hip hop community.

What is Lil Wayne suffering from?

Wayne suffers from epilepsy, a disorder characterized by unpredictable seizures. Reports from back in 2017 say that the rapper wasn’t taking his seizure medication and that this was the cause of his hospitalization. However, Lil Wayne has notoriously been known for his use of lean or sizzurp.

Why is Wayne the goat?

Several very credible and top-selling artists have called Wayne the greatest, including Drake, Lil Baby and Kendrick Lamar, who said, “Lil Wayne is the greatest. Not only because of his music but also because of the culture he put behind it… so, we always hold Wayne in high regards.”

Does Lil Wayne produce his own beats?

Lil Wayne does write his own songs. He has also had a fairly unique writing process since 2003 where he doesn’t actually write his lyrics down. Instead, Lil Wayne records them as they come to mind.

Is Lil Wayne related to Jay Z?

People often mistake them as cousins or brothers but in fact, Lil Wayne is not related to Jay Z! Because of their work, they are friends and that is how they met.

Who is Lil Wayne married to?

Toya Johnsonm. 2004–2006
Lil Wayne/Spouse

Is Lil Wayne the greatest of all time?

How old is Lil Wayne?

39 years (September 27, 1982)
Lil Wayne/Age

Who wrote Lil Wayne songs?

Original songs

Title Written by
I Feel Mannie Fresh, Lil’ Wayne, Tab Virgil, Jr., Christopher Dorsey, Juvenile
I Made It Birdman, Lil’ Wayne, Jay Sean, J-Remy, Kevin Rudolf, JKash, Robert Larow
It’s Good Jason Phillips [US], Lil’ Wayne, Cool, Dre, Drake, Brian Pickens
Knockout Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Kevin Crowe, Erik Ortiz

Who is Lil Wayne favorite rapper?

Not only did Missy Elliott have a huge influence on Weezy, but he went on to say Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., N.O.R.E. and Cam’ron are his top influencers in the rap game. – N.O.R.E. Missy was very humbled to be named as one of Lil Wayne’s favorite MC’s.

Who is Lil Wayne’s dad?

Dwayne Michael Turner
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Is Lil Wayne a billionaire?

Lil Wayne’s net worth is $150 Million, making him one of the richest rappers in the world….

Net Worth: $150 Million
Source of Wealth: Rapper/Producer
Height: 5 ft 5 Inches