What is osteocytes and its function?

What is osteocytes and its function?

Osteocytes are the most abundant type of cell in mature bone tissue. The osteocyte is capable of bone deposition and resorption. It also is involved in bone remodeling by transmitting signals to other osteocytes in response to even slight deformations of bone caused by muscular activity.

How do osteocytes work?

Osteocytes are simply osteoblasts trapped in the matrix that they secrete. They are networked to each other via long cytoplasmic extensions that occupy tiny canals called canaliculi, which are used for exchange of nutrients and waste through gap junctions.

What do osteocytes do in bone remodeling?

Bone remodeling has important roles in the functions of bone tissues, such as supporting the body and mineral storage. Osteocytes, which are the most abundant cells in bone tissues, detect the mechanical loading and regulate both bone formation by osteoblasts and bone resorption by osteoclasts.

Are osteocytes good?

Tears in tiny bone cells called osteocytes appear an important step to better bones. Osteocytes manage the osteoblasts that make bone as well as the osteoclasts that break bone down and were known to sense mechanical loading, but just how they sensed load was unknown.

Do osteocytes have a Golgi apparatus?

The cell also exhibits a reduced size endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus and mitochondria, and cell processes that radiate towards the mineralizing matrix.

Which statement characterize central canals of osteons?

it contains a central canal. it is also called a Haversian system. which statements characterize central canals of osteons? they contain osteocytes.

How osteocytes get nutrients?

Osteocytes receive nutrients and eliminate wastes through blood vessels in the compact bone. Blood vessels in the periosteum and endosteum supply blood to blood vessels in the central canals. Nutrients leave the blood vessels of the central canals and diffuse to the osteocytes through the canaliculi.

What does osteocytes look like?

A mature osteocyte is defined as a cell surrounded by mineralized bone, and is described as a stellate or star-shaped cell with a large number of slender, cytoplasmic processes radiating in all directions, but generally perpendicular to the bone surface.

Do osteocytes cause arthritis?

Osteocyte-derived MMP13 emerges as a critical regulator of cartilage homeostasis, likely via its effects on PLR. Together, these findings implicate osteocytes in bone-cartilage crosstalk in the joint and suggest a causal role for suppressed perilacunar/canalicular remodeling in osteoarthritis.

Do osteocytes have lysosomes?

Under the electron microscope, there were a few lysosomes, mitochondria, and rough endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasm, and the Golgi complex was also underdeveloped. Therefore, osteocytes form an extensive connecting syncytium network via small cytoplasmic/dendritic processes in canaliculi.

What happens if an Osteocyte dies?

Osteocyte death ultimately results in necrosis; DAMPs are released to the bone surface and promote the production of proinflammatory cytokines, which induce Rankl expression, and osteoclastogenesis is further enhanced.

Which bone cell is an inactive osteoblast?

These cells are described as osteocytes and remain in the bone matrix in a state of low metabolic activity. At the completion of a phase of bone formation, those osteoblasts which avoided entombment in lacunae lose their prominent synthetic function and become inactive osteoblasts, otherwise known as bone-lining cells.

What is in the nucleus of an osteocyte?

A mature osteocyte contains a single nucleus that is located toward the vascular side and has one or two nucleoli and a membrane. The cell also exhibits a reduced size endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus and mitochondria, and cell processes that radiate largely towards the bone surfaces in circumferential lamellae, or towards a haversian

Which of these is the correct definition of osteocytes?

Definition of osteocyte. : a cell that is characteristic of adult bone and is isolated in a lacuna of the bone substance.

What are the immature osteocytes?

Osteoblasts are the immature bone cells, and eventually become entrapped in the bone matrix to become osteocytes, which are the mature bone cells. Then, what do osteocytes cells do? Bone is a living, dynamic tissue.

What does osteocyte mean?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Osteocyte. An osteocyte, a star shaped cell, is the most commonly found cell in mature bone, and can live as long as the organism itself. Osteocytes have an average half life of 25 years, they do not divide, and they are derived from osteoprogenitors, some of which differentiate into active osteoblasts.