What is depth of knowledge level 2?

What is depth of knowledge level 2?

Level 2 (Skills and Concepts) requires the engagement of some mental processing beyond recalling. The content knowledge or process involved is more complex than in Level 1. Items require students to make some decisions as to how to approach the question or problem.

What are the levels of knowledge?

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DoK)

  • Level 1 (Acquired knowledge) involves recall and reproduction. Remembering facts or defining a procedure.
  • Level 2 (Knowledge Application) are skills and concepts.
  • Level 3 (Analysis) involves strategic thinking.
  • Level 4 (Augmentation) is extended thinking.

What does DoK 2 mean?

Level Two Activities Describe the cause/effect of a particular event. Identify patterns in events or behavior. Formulate a routine problem given data and conditions. Organize, represent and interpret data.

How do you increase depth of knowledge?

Let the students do the thinking, and ensure that they have the time to do it. One way to create more opportunities for students to think is to first articulate their ideas in writing prior to sharing in a class discussion. Ask a question, give students a few minutes to jot down their thoughts, and then share.

How would you know if you have succeeded in your teaching?

If your students say nice things about you and the things you teach them, then you are successful. A successful teacher is the teacher whom the students remember with great pleasure, knows how to teach well in such a way that each student understands. It is that teacher who teaches clearly, briefly and on the subject.

What Dok level is understand?

The DOK level should reflect the complexity of cognitive processes demanded by the learning or assessment objective and task, rather than its difficulty. Ultimately, the DOK level describes the depth of understanding required by a task, not whether or not the task is considered “difficult.”

What are the 2 levels of knowledge in philosophy?

Philosophers typically divide knowledge into three categories: personal, procedural, and propositional. It is the last of these, propositional knowledge, that primarily concerns philosophers.

What are the 2 types of knowledge?

Quick Definitions of Knowledge Types

  • Explicit Knowledge: Knowledge that is easy to articulate, write down, and share.
  • Implicit Knowledge: The application of explicit knowledge.
  • Tacit Knowledge: Knowledge gained from personal experience that is more difficult to express.

How do you assess depth of knowledge?

To demonstrate level 2 depth of knowledge, students must be able to make decisions about how to apply facts and details provided to them as well as filling in any gaps using context clues. They must go beyond simple recall to answer questions about and make connections between pieces of information.

What is teacher Dok?

He previously served as a school principal and middle school science teacher. Depth of knowledge (DOK) refers to the level of understanding required to answer a question or perform an activity. This concept is most often applied to the thinking that students do during assessment and other standards-driven evaluation.

What is a Dok 2 question?

Examples of D.O.K.- 2 items and tasks would be to use a mathematical procedure to solve mathematical and real world algorithmic and word problems, explain how a natural event of phenomena occurs, describe how a text or author expresses and shares ideas and information, or how a historical event turned out as it did.

How can I improve myself as a teacher?

Here are 8 ways to improve yourself as a teacher:

  1. Get your teaching evaluated.
  2. Try your hand at Podcasting.
  3. Learn a skill that isn’t related to teaching.
  4. Join Cross-functional groups.
  5. Keep your mind Open.
  6. Updating your Skillset.
  7. Keep away from Negative conversations.
  8. Present/Publish your work.

What are the different levels of depth of knowledge?

Depth of Knowledge Levels. Each level of complexity measures a student’s depth of knowledge. Here are a few keywords as well as descriptors for each depth of knowledge level. DOK Level 1 – (Recall – measure, recall, calculate, define, list, identify.)

What is Dok Level 2 application?

Application: DoK level 2 The second Depth of Knowledge level is defined as knowledge application. Students must choose the appropriate route to correctly solve a question, making decisions and completing distinct steps along the way. For example, as opposed to reciting a math fact, they may have to solve a multi-step equation.

How do you develop your skills and knowledge?

Identify the knowledge and skills you need for your development. Undertake learning and development activities in line with your plan. Obtain feedback from appropriate people on your knowledge and skills and how effectively you apply them. Review your knowledge, skills and competence regularly and take appropriate action.

How do you find and close knowledge gaps?

Above all else, the key to finding and closing knowledge gaps is to ensure that learning and evaluation are done on a continuous basis. The challenge in training is that as soon as a learning event ends, information retention immediately begins to degrade, unless it can be continually reinforced until used.