What is a word to describe pain?

What is a word to describe pain?

Word to describe your pain. aching. cramping. dull ache. burning.

How do you express pain in one word?

Expressing pain – thesaurus

  1. cry. noun. a loud expression of emotion, especially pain, fear, or happiness.
  2. cry out. phrasal verb. to make a loud noise because you are in pain or because you are afraid or shocked.
  3. eina. interjection.
  4. exclaim. verb.
  5. groan. verb.
  6. groan. noun.
  7. howl. verb.
  8. howl. noun.

What’s a synonym for masochist?

Masochistic synonyms In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for masochistic, like: nihilistic, sadistic, narcissistic, derange, self-indulgent, voyeuristic, misanthropic, neurotic and morose.

What is the opposite of being in pain?

Pleasure is the opposite of pain. Pain feels bad, but pleasure feels good.

What is a word for deep pain?

acute, agonizing, exquisite, grueling, harrowing, intense, searing, severe, unbearable, burning, chastening, consuming, piercing, punishing, racking, rending, shooting, stabbing, tearing, tormenting.

What is the strongest word for pain?


  • agony,
  • anguish,
  • misery,
  • sufferance,
  • suffering,
  • torment,
  • torture.
  • What are 5 ways to describe pain?

    Some common ways to describe pain are:

    • Burning.
    • Sharp.
    • Aching.
    • Dull.
    • Stabbing.
    • Radiating.
    • Throbbing.
    • Cramping.

    What is the meaning of a sadist?

    Definition of sadist : one characterized by sadism : a person who takes pleasure in inflicting pain, punishment, or humiliation on others a sexual sadist He’s a sadist and, where Toby is concerned, an unusually relentless one: he’s in the boy’s face constantly, prodding, belittling, taunting.—

    What does masochist mean in bed?

    1 : a person who derives sexual gratification from being subjected to physical pain or humiliation : an individual given to masochism But Ksenia is a masochist who cannot experience sexual pleasure without first experiencing extreme pain.— Christopher Rice.

    What is another word for pain and suffering?

    Some common synonyms of suffering are agony, distress, and misery. While all these words mean “the state of being in great trouble,” suffering implies conscious endurance of pain or distress.

    What are some words to describe pain?

    Researchers found hearing words that describe pain — such as “excruciating” or “grueling” — activated the areas of the brain that process the corresponding sensation.

    What do words mean pain?

    Pain is also a term specifically used to denote a painful uterine contraction occurring in childbirth. The word “pain” comes from the Latin “poena” meaning a fine, a penalty.

    What are synonyms for pain?

    pain, pain sensation, painful sensation(noun) a somatic sensation of acute discomfort. “as the intensity increased the sensation changed from tickle to pain”. Synonyms: painfulness, pain in the neck, hurting, nuisance, botheration, infliction, pain in the ass, annoyance, painful sensation, pain sensation, bother. Antonyms: pleasure, pleasance.

    What is a synonym for painful?

    Synonyms for Pain: n. v. •bother, trouble (verb) constrain, sadden, inflame, upset, chasten, convulse, punish, hit where one lives, disquiet, nick, harm, excruciate, stress, chafe, vex, gall.