What is a good sentence for hollow?

What is a good sentence for hollow?

The tree trunk was hollow inside. 3. The hollow glass tank contains hot mercury vapour. 4.

What does it mean when a person is hollow?

If you describe a statement, situation, or person as hollow, you mean they have no real value, worth, or effectiveness. Any threat to bring in the police is a hollow one. Synonyms: worthless, empty, useless, vain More Synonyms of hollow. hollowness uncountable noun.

What is the opposite hollow?

hollow. Antonyms: full, solid, well-stored, strong, firm, sincere, true, genuine, substantial, sound.

What is an example of hollow?

An example of hollow is an empty space inside of a tree. Hollow is defined as to create an empty space within something. The definition of hollow is having a space inside or being shaped like a bowl. An example of hollow is a chocolate Easter bunny with nothing inside of it.

What is a hollow noun?

noun. /ˈhɒləʊ/ /ˈhɑːləʊ/ ​an area that is lower than the surface around it, especially on the ground.

Is Hollow an adjective?

adjective, hol·low·er, hol·low·est. having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere.

What is a hollow soul?

Hollowfication (虚(ホロウ)化, Horōka) is the term used to describe the process by which the strength limit of a soul is increased by removing the boundary between Shinigami and Hollow.

What is the synonym of hollow word?

Some common synonyms of hollow are empty, idle, nugatory, otiose, and vain. While all these words mean “being without worth or significance,” empty and hollow suggest a deceiving lack of real substance or soundness or genuineness.

Is hollow the opposite of solid?

“The unit was made from solid timber.”…What is the opposite of hollow?

solid full
entire whole
sheer genuine

Is it hallow or hollow?

To shout. BUT there is a distinction: To hallow is for humans to shout or cry while to hollow is to shout or cry at dogs. After that, hallow is to make holy, honor greatly, or be a saint or saintly, via noun or verb. Hollow is to be empty, false, dull, meaningless in adjective, adverb, noun, and verb forms.

Are hollows people?

Notable Members. Hollows (虚 (ホロウ), Horō) are a race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human World for too long. Hollows are the opposite of Humans.

Is Ichigo a Hollow?

Hollow Ichigo is “born”. While Ichigo underwent training to gain his own Shinigami powers, Kisuke Urahara put Ichigo’s soul through a process called Encroachment in which if Ichigo did not gain the power on his own, he would become a Hollow. After three days in the shaft, Ichigo begins to transform into a Hollow.

What are some examples of hollow in a sentence?

Examples of Hollow in a sentence. The empty inside of the hollow tree is the perfect home for squirrels and other forest animals. 🔊. Because it was completely empty, an echo could be heard through the hollow cave. 🔊. The teacher taught the students to carve a pumpkin and make it hollow by emptying out its contents. 🔊

What is the etymology of the word hollow?

History and Etymology for hollow. Noun. Middle English holgh, holough “hole, burrow, hollow of the hand,” going back to Old English holh “cavity, hole,” going back to *hulha-, probably extended form of Germanic *hula- “hollow, sunken” — more at hole entry 1. Adjective.

What is a hollow place?

English Language Learners Definition of hollow (Entry 1 of 3) : a place or area (especially on the ground) that is lower than the area around it : an empty space inside of something

What is the meaning of the Middle English word holgh?

Middle English holgh, holugh, holwe, formally identical with holgh hollow entry 1, with adjectival meaning apparently after hol, holle “hollow, sunken,” going back to Old English hol — more at hole entry 1 1 : a low spot in a surface Circling around through the flats]