What is a 1950 German mark worth?

What is a 1950 German mark worth?

According to UCoin.net, as of 2014 a 1950 Bundesrepublik Deutschland coin is worth anywhere from $0.10 to $20.00, depending on its condition, markings and value.

Are deutsche marks coins worth anything?

Although German mark notes and coins are no longer legal tender, most of those issued after June 20, 1948 can be exchanged for the equivalent value in euro at Deutsche Bundesbank branches or by post. One euro is worth 1.956 marks.

How much is a 10 pfennig coin worth?

10 pfennigs is equal to 0.10 Deutsche Marks.

What is a German pfennig worth?

The Deutsche piece of 1 pfennig displays the text ‘Bundesrepublik Deutschland’. The pfennig is the 1/100 subdivision of the Deutsche mark. 1 pfennigs has a value of 0.01 Deutsche Marks.

Are old German coins worth anything?

Even with the wear, it is a valuable coin. There are several hundred different varieties of early German silver coinage which are worth many tens of dollars. Early large silver coins can sometimes reach the $1000 mark if they are in superb numismatic condition.

What are German coins?

Deutsche Mark
Freq. used DM 5, DM 10, DM 20, DM 50, DM 100, DM 200
Rarely used DM 500, DM 1,000
Freq. used 1pf, 2pf, 5pf, 10pf, 50pf, DM 1, DM 2, DM 5

What is the symbol for Deutsche coin?


Deutsche Mark
Symbol DM
Pfennig pf
Freq. used DM 5, DM 10, DM 20, DM 50, DM 100, DM 200

How many dollars is a deutsche mark?

0.578006 USD
Convert German Deutsche Mark to US Dollar

1 DEM 0.578006 USD
5 DEM 2.89003 USD
10 DEM 5.78006 USD
25 DEM 14.4502 USD

Is pfennig worth anything?

Modern 1, 2, 5, 10, and 50 Pfennig Coins Federal Republic – The Federal Republic (West Germany before 1990) issued these coins in bronze, copper nickel, and steel starting in 1948. They are worth face value. They are worth face value.

What does Pfennig mean?

noun, plural pfen·nigs, pfen·ni·ge [German pfen-i-guh]. a copper-coated iron coin and monetary unit of Germany until the euro was adopted, one 100th of a Deutsche mark. (formerly) a minor coin and monetary unit of East Germany, one 100th of an ostmark.

What is the rarest German coin?

Though the EURO was introduced there are still a large number of high valuable german Pfennig coins today….

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Which German coins are worth money?

Hitparade of the most valuable Pfennig Coins

Place 11 1 Pfennig 1948 J Value: about 50 EURO in condition uncirculated
Place 3 2 Pfennig 1967 G Copper on steel. The coin is magnetic! Value: about 3000 EURO
Place 2 2 Pfennig 1969 J Copper without steel. The coin is not magnetic! Value: about 4000 EURO

How much is a 1950 d coin worth in Germany?

GERMANY – 1950 ‘D’ 1 DEUTSCHE MARK (FEDERAL REPUBLIC – WEST GERMAN) COIN MONEY 1 DEUTSCHE MARK COIN – 1950 ‘D’. WEST GERMANY – FEDERAL REPUBLIC. The price is for only this one item. Photos show front, back and condition of the actual item that is for sale. $5.00. Certification: Uncertified $2.00 shipping.

What is the value of a 1950 proof penny?

They generally exhibit mirror-like surfaces. These special 1950 pennies were sold in proof sets to coin collectors. While it’s possible that a few may have been spent over the years, most of the surviving 1950 proof pennies exist in coin collections. Generally speaking, 1950 proof pennies are worth $25 and up.

What does a 1950 J coin look like?

1950-J Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1 Deutsche Mark Coin (31) The obverse side shows the German Eagle with lettering ” Bundesrepublik Deutschland” with the mintmark “J”. The reverse side shows two oak branches on either side of the value (1 Deutsche Mark), all above the year of production (1950).

How many types of cents were there in 1950?

In 1950 three varieties of cents were produced, struck at the main mint and two branch mints. Mint marks identifying the branch mints further narrow value range.