What happened to Tenorio when he accused Ultima?

What happened to Tenorio when he accused Ultima?

All the men agree that no bruja could pass through such a door, and that this is a true test if Ultima is a witch. Ultima appears and Tenorio accuses her to her face. Suddenly the owl swoops down and tears out one of Tenorio’s eyes, and when everyone looks again Ultima has passed through the door.

Why isnt Tenorio allowed to bring his daughter’s funeral procession into the church?

The Priest believed, as did many in the town, that Tenorio’s daughters were evil, even brujas, witches, themselves, and he did not want to bring such a woman into his church for Holy Mass.

Who killed Tenorio in Bless Me Ultima?

When Antonio shouts a warning, Tenorio aims a rifle at him. Ultima calls her owl, and it attacks Tenorio. Tenorio shoots it during the struggle and aims his gun at Antonio again. Before he can kill Antonio, Pedro shoots Tenorio dead.

What happens between Narciso and Tenorio?

Narciso keeps fighting but Tenorio shoots him again and then curses at Narciso’s fallen body. Antonio screams and Tenorio sees him. He tries to shoot Antonio but is out of bullets. He curses Antonio and then flees.

What happened when Antonio met Tenorio?

Whom did Antonio meet on the way home from school, and what happened? He met Tenorio. Tenure told him his second daughter was dying, and he would find a way to kill Ultima. The people thought a special event was causing the dust storms and harsh winter.

What are Lupitos last words?

As he crawled out the river and the life left his blood stained body Lupito uttered his two last words to Antonio “Bless Me”.

What did the church deny Tenorio?

He wondered if there could be a forgiving god and if the Virgin Mary were such a god. What happened at the church when Tenorio went to have the mass for the dead and a church burial for his daughter? The priest refused to let him enter the church. His daughter would have to be buried in unholy ground without a mass.

What was Narciso’s final destination after the incident in the bar with Tenorio and why?

What was Narciso’s final destination after the incident in the bar with Tenorio and why? ANTONIO’S HOUSE TO WARN ULTIMA THAT TENORIO WAS ON HIS WAY. TENORIO WANTED TO KILL HER.

What happened to Narciso to make him turn to alcohol?

She talks of Narciso’s youth and how he turned to drinking after he lost his young wife to diphtheria. She tells Antonio of the strong social bonds that used to tie people together in lifelong friendships, bonds that helped them survive life on the desolate plains.

What was Antonio’s last dream about?

In his final dream, Antonio sees the three figures that he was helpless to save, both physically and spiritually. The destruction of his three sources of understanding — God, the golden carp, and Ultima — leaves nothing for him to believe in, and he is filled with horror and great despair.

How does Lupito’s death affect Antonio?

After he witnesses Lupito’s death, Antonio becomes preoccupied with sin, punishment, and the loss of innocence. Antonio’s confrontation with ideas of good and evil manifests itself in his use of religion to try to understand the world.

Why did Ultima accept her death?

Ultima tells him that her owl is not dead; it is simply flying to a new place, just like she herself is getting ready to do. The owl was given to her by an old man to be her spiritual bond to the harmony of the universe. She accepts death because she accepted working for life.