What happened audition sea?

What happened audition sea?

We are here to announce that AuditionSEA will be closing on 31 August 2018, 1200hrs (GMT +8). While AuditionSEA unfortunately must say goodbye, we encourage players not to see this as the end of the road for Audition but an event for all players to graduate from AuditionSEA to Audition Next Level.

What is audition next level?

Audition Next Level is the hippest online dance game published by Playpark. Join in the fun and be part of the hottest gaming gang! Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines audition.playpark.com Joined February 2010.

Where can I play an audition?

Audition Online on Steam. The popular dance and rhythm game, Audition Online, is available for Steam! Create your avatar and play on 20 different game modes.

How do you do an online Steam audition?

Head on over to the Audition Online Store Page and click Play Game, it will be added to your library and will be downloaded and installed. Registering? Launch the game, when it heads over to the Log-in page, click Sign Up. Enter your details.

Is audition still a game?

It was originally released in South Korea in 2004 and has been localized by various publishers around the world. Audition Online is free to play, but earns revenue by selling virtual items such as clothes for the player’s avatar.

How do you top up money in audition in next level?

How to Top Up using PlayPark Card

  1. Visit https://playmall.playpark.com/login.aspx and choose your login type.
  2. Choose the type of currency you wish to use and click Confirm.
  3. To top up your PlayID account, click top up button.
  4. Click LevelUp and type the Card Serial and Password and click Top Up.

Is audition online free?

Audition Online (Korean: 오디션 온라인), also known as X-BEAT in Japan and popularly called AyoDance in Indonesia, is a free-to-play multiplayer online casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. Audition Online is free to play, but earns revenue by selling virtual items such as clothes for the player’s avatar.

How do you level up in audition?

to get most exp you need to add cash to buy premium items. The Homebound mark at the items tab in the mall will give you x2 exp per game for 30 days. also buy a pet and DJ item that gives exp boost. You can also buy the event pass in the items tab and the x2/x3 exp ticket.

When did audition come out?

January 1, 1999 (USA)
Audition/Release date

Is audition game Dead?

This game is absolutely, completely 100% DEAD. -EXCELLENT MUSIC SELECTION.

How do you buy cash for an audition?

Is Audition still a game?