What happened as Phillip was being lowered into the lifeboat?

What happened as Phillip was being lowered into the lifeboat?

What happened to Phillip as he was being lowered into the lifeboat? Something hit Phillip’s head while he was being lowered into the lifeboat.

What happened to Phillip the Cay?

After a German torpedo hits the S.S. Hato, Phillip is injured and eventually goes blind. This disability forces him to depend on the West Indian man Timothy and see the world from his point of view. As Phillip says after asking Timothy to describe the sea to him, “His eyes were becoming mine” (5.35).

What happened to Phillip after he was rescued?

Phillip is rescued by sailors from a destroyer. The destroyer contacts his family and takes him to a naval base, where his parents come for him. Phillip goes home with his family and has surgery in New York to recover his vision.

What happened in chapter 3 the Cay?

In Chapter 3, Phillip and his mother manage to make it to a lifeboat when their ship is torpedoed, but Phillip is hit on the head and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself on a raft with “a very old Negro” and the cook’s cat. Timothy says the cat is “not good luck”.

What happened to Philip and his mother the Cay?

The thing about it, though, is that Phillip’s mom disappears after the S.S. Hato blows up and never enters into the story in a meaningful way again. It’s true that Phillip is reunited with his parents at the end of the novel, and his mother holds him and says she’s “sorry” (19.35).

How was Philip separated from his mother in the Cay?

How did Phillip and his mother become separated? When they were going on the raft, it tipped over and Phillip was hit in the head. His mom got back on a raft, and Timothy rescued Phillip and put him on his raft.

How did Philip change in the cay?

When he is blinded and shipwrecked on a tiny cay, or island, Phillip goes from being helpless and afraid to being able to survive on his own. In his relationship with Timothy, he changes from being prejudiced and mistrustful to appreciating and valuing Timothy’s friendship.

How did Stew Cat Help Philip?

Stew Cat also becomes a way for Phillip to express his care and feelings for other creatures. For example, Phillip fears for Stew Cat’s safety when Timothy thinks the cat is the jumbi (evil spirit) in Chapter 11.

When did Philip regain his sight?

In Chapter 10, Phillip asks Timothy to tell him again the story of Timothy’s friend who lost his sight, then regained it.

What happened in chapter 4 of the cay?

Phillip is now blind, and everything is black. Timothy is shocked at first, but he tells Phillip that the blindness is only temporary. The same thing happened to a man in Barbados, and he got his eyesight back. Phillip’s pain is gone, but he still has a good freakout.

What happened in chapter 2 of the cay?

A British tanker is to set sail, and Phillip’s father takes him into the Schottegat to see the launch. Sure enough, the tanker is torpedoed by a German submarine and vanishes into a “wall of red flames” (2.26). That night Phillip’s mother says she is taking Phillip back to Norfolk.

Does Phillip escape the Cay?

After a hurricane hits the cay and Timothy dies from “being tired”, Phillip, devastated, digs a small grave for him. He is left with only Stew Cat. Phillip is then rescued by a navy vessel. One year after he and Timothy find the island, he has many surgeries to get his sight back.