What does Mr Donnelly write about in his article in the newspaper?

What does Mr Donnelly write about in his article in the newspaper?

Why did Mr. Donnelly write the newspaper article about his “porcelain plate”? He wants to be recognized as the current record holder. He wants everyone to remember how talented Betty Bright is.

Why does Paul get kicked off the tangerine soccer team?

Talk about bad news! Paul kneels down on the sideline, takes off his goggles, and starts to cry. When his mom comes to pick him up, he lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that she got him kicked off the team by filling out that IEP form. She sends his dad to talk to the coach and try to resolve the situation.

Why do you think Paul is so successful at Tangerine middle school while Joey can’t handle the new atmosphere?

In Tangerine, Paul is more successful than Joey when they transfer to Tangerine Middle School because he is used to being teased, doesn’t come in angry, and is less explosive in his responses to people.

What happens at the last home soccer game against Manatee Middle School?

What happens at the last home game against Manatee Middle School? A storm comes in, and they have to cancel the game. How does the soccer game between Tangerine and Lake Windsor end? Gino misses the goal, and Tangerine and Lake Windsor tie.

What Antoine tells Paul?

Antoine tells Paul that he should tell the truth, too. The others don’t know what he means, but Paul gets excited. He goes home, and his parents tell him there will be an important meeting there the next day, and that he should be there, too.

What position does Mike Costello play on the football team?

What position does Mike Costello play? Mike Costello plays back up (2nd string) quarterback. Describe the classrooms Paul will be using at Lake Windsor Middle School.

What happens to Erik in tangerine?

Paul then persuades Joey Costello to join Tangerine Middle School. After a quarrel with Paul, Joey returns to Lake Windsor. While at Paul’s house for a school project, Tino makes fun at how Erik fell down while attempting to a kick an extra point during an earlier football game, so Erik slaps him.

What does Paul do when he goes to the orchard the second time?

When Paul visits the tangerine groves for the second time the type of work he has to do is to haul some black rope for three hours into all of it has been taken and linked together and poking a hole in it by ever tree they passed.

What goes wrong at Paul’s School in tangerine?

Paul’s mom tells her that Paul’s vision is impaired, so she wants to give him a head start on learning his way around the school. Hm, we didn’t realize his eyes were so bad. Paul gets mad at his mom for drawing attention to his vision, and insists he can see fine. Mrs.

Who is offended when Joey calls Theresa a guide dog?

Joey had showed up in homeroom without Theresa as a guide, and when Paul asked him where she was, he told him that he didn’t need a “guide dog” (2.12. 8). Paul took offense at that, and Joey laughed, asking if he thought Theresa was good-looking.

What is joeys new nickname on the soccer team?

Charlie the Tuna
Victor is mean to Joey Costello at soccer practice. Victor gives Joey the nickname “Charlie the Tuna.”

What does Paul tell Mr Costello about the koi?

Costello announces that the freeze killed off the mosquitoes. It also signaled the end of thunderstorm season. Paul tells them that the ospreys are the ones responsible for taking the koi, and then leaves, as the adults continue to complain about the muck fire, the termites, and the robberies.