What does mean ruse?

Noun. trick, ruse, stratagem, maneuver, artifice, wile, feint mean an indirect means to gain an end. trick may imply deception, roguishness, illusion, and either an evil or harmless end. the tricks of the trade ruse stresses an attempt to mislead by a false impression.

How do you use ruse in a sentence?

Ruse sentence example

  1. It was only a ruse to get her alone.
  2. Damian gritted his teeth, remembering how tempted he’d been by the same ruse a few nights before.
  3. Was he gold digging, or was it simply a ruse to spend the night?
  4. It was simply a ruse to keep her from exploring that path and what lay beyond.

What is the synonym of deceive?

1 cozen, dupe, fool, gull, hoodwink, trick; defraud; outwit, entrap, ensnare; betray.

What is an example of ruse?

A trick. The definition of a ruse is a trick. An example of a ruse is when you lie to someone to get them out of the house before a surprise party.

Is a ruse a lie?

A ruse isn’t just any lie. A ruse involves a more elaborate process of deception than merely making a false claim, although making a false claim might be part of a ruse. This would mean that his smile was potentially deceptive in that it is concealing cunning or greed.

How do you use Ruth in a sentence?

Ruth in a Sentence 1. Sincere parents often feel ruth for their upset children following a divorce due to the hurt it causes their innocent children. 2. After a man has an affair, friends of the couple usually express ruth for the wife by comforting her.

What is a clever ruse?

plural ruses. Learner’s definition of RUSE. : a trick or act that is used to fool someone. His act was just a clever ruse to get me to go out with him.

What do you mean by conceive?

Definition of conceive transitive verb. 1a : to become pregnant with (young) conceive a child. b : to cause to begin : originate a project conceived by the company’s founder. 2a : to take into one’s mind conceive a prejudice. b : to form a conception of : imagine a badly conceived design cleverly conceived teleplays.

Is deceiving the same as lying?

1 Answer. Lying is the act of telling something known to be false. Deceiving is using some sort of plot for personal advantage. Misleading is causing someone to have a wrong idea or impression of something.

Is a ruse a trick?

n. a trick, stratagem, or artifice: He used a ruse to get past the sentry. syn: See trick.

What is the spiritual meaning of Ruth?

The book of Ruth demonstrates God’s grace toward people. In fact, the meaning of the name Ruth is “grace.” In the story, Ruth received blessings from God that she did not merit. And, being a Moabite woman, she received God’s blessings despite her status as a gentile woman.

How is Ruth connected to Jesus?

People from Moab were often loathed by the Jews, but God selected Ruth to be a direct ancestor of Jesus Christ. Ruth, out of love and loyalty to her mother-in-law, accompanied Naomi back to Bethlehem, while Orpah stayed in Moab. Eventually, Naomi steered Ruth into a relationship with a distant relative named Boaz.