What does Lily lie about?

What does Lily lie about?

Lily lies about their last names — Smith and Williams — and says her mother died when she was little and her father recently died in a tractor accident in Spartanburg County. Lily says she doesn’t know her aunt’s last name. August lets them stay for awhile but it is clear that she does not believe Lily’s stories.

What lie did Lily tell August?

Lily tells August that she and Rosaleen have run away, because her father has died in a tractor accident. She claims that they are headed to Virginia to be with her aunt Bernie. Lily thinks that August has seen right through her lies and feels a twinge of guilt.

What does Lily tell August about her father?

Lily tells August that her father is not really dead, but that he treated her very badly. After Lily explains to August what T. Ray had said—that her mother had left Lily behind when she ran away—Lily begins to cry uncontrollably. After she is done crying, Lily explains to August why she ran away with Rosaleen.

What does Ray reveal about Lily’s mom?

Ray reveal about Lily’s mother that devastates Lily? Ray tells Lily that her mother ran off and left her and that the day she died, she’d just came back to get her things, not Lily.

What does Lily’s note to T Ray say?

To hurt Lily, he tells her that her mother didn’t care about her and was actually leaving her when she died so long ago. She packs the $38 she earned selling peaches, some clothes, a map, and her mother’s things. Then she leaves a note for T. Ray ending it with, “People who tell lies like you should rot in hell.”

Why does Lily say my skin had never felt so white to me?

Lily says “…my skin had never felt so white to me” (p. 78) because she had never lived with black people before. The racism is so prevalent in the South that it seems strange to Lily to “eat off their dishes” and lie on “their sheets.” It is obvious she feels like a foreigner.

Is August Boatwright black?

August Boatwright is unique. Not only is she a black woman in the South who runs a successful business, but she is a black woman who also owns a great deal of property, is educated, has eschewed the conventions of marriage, and does not flinch or shy away from the opportunity to take care of a young white runaway girl.

What does August say to June while looking at Lily?

Lily sees August and June hugging on the floor. What does August say to June that she intends also for Lily? “Regrets don’t help anything, you know that.”

What does Lily say is the secret of a good lie?

The secret of a good lie is don’t overly explain, and throw in one good detail (4.86). Lily explains the art of lying. Although Lily’s tendency to lie is hardly presented as a great thing, secrecy is her way of ensuring privacy and protection.

What does August mean when she tells Lily she has to find a mother inside herself what are the characteristics August tells Lily she needs?

She explains that Lily must find a mother inside herself, and she should not expect an outside force to mother her. August explains that the mother acts as a power inside of her, one that she can rely on when she is feeling weak or alone, sad or tired. Lily appreciates this sentiment and takes it to heart.

What question does Lily ask T Ray before he leaves?

Lily runs after T. Ray as he leaves, yelling for him to stop. What does she ask him, and what is his response? She asks if it was really her who killed her mother.

What does the voice say to Lily?

What does the voice say? After Lily pours the tear drop out of the bottom of the beer jar, she hears a voice tell her “Lily Melissa Owens, your jar is open.”

Why does Lily lie to get out of trouble?

Lily enjoys writing stories; moreover, she’s good at inventing “stories”—in other words, lies—to get herself out of trouble. At several points, Lily’s ability to concoct a convincing story saves her from jail (and moves the plot of the novel forward).

What does Lily notice in the corner of the living room?

Lily notices a three-foot-tall statue of a black Mary known as “Our Lady of Chains” in the corner of the living room. She senses its spiritual power. Lily tells August that she and Rosaleen have run away, because her father has died in a tractor accident.

What does Lily tell Rosaleen about her mother?

Lily tells her that she found out the truth about her mother’s leaving her, and Rosaleen confirms the fact from phone conversations she’d overheard in Sylvan. Lily explains what August told her and discovers a terrible bitterness in her voice.

Why is Lily’s experience with her father important to her development?

The experience Lily describes is an important part of her development: although she’s spent her entire life up to this point being yelled at by others (mostly her father), she realizes that she can fight back by crafting her own stories and presenting them as the truth.