What does hold mean on a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

What does hold mean on a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

The Hold feature is a winter driving feature that starts the transmission off in second gear. you should have a AT mode button right under the rear defrost button, push it and the light should go off.

What is at mode in Mitsubishi?

A/T stands for Automatic Transmission. The automatic transmission can be placed in different modes using this button. Example: Economy/Sport/etc. 24 people found this helpful. 60.

Is Mitsubishi Montero a 4 wheel drive?

Today, the Montero Sport is available in four trim levels: ES, LS, XLS and Limited. Each trim level comes with two- or four-wheel drive except the ES, which is available only as a 2WD model.

Is Montero Sport fuel efficient?

Fuel economy During our testing, the midsize SUV was able to return about 7km/L in heavy city traffic and 17.7km/L in real-world highway conditions. In a mixed city and highway driving conditions, the Montero Sport was able to put up a fuel economy figure of 14.4km/L.

What is the hold light on the Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

RE: Hold light in dash of 2000 Sport It causes less torque to be applied to the wheels so they are less likely to spin upon startup. There should be a button near the shifter to turn it on and off. It is the same button that switches the transmission to “Power” mode.

Is Mitsubishi Montero good off-road?

Lifted Mitsubishi Montero – One of the Most Underestimated SUVs. Back in the day, Montero, also known as Pajero and Shogun on other markets, has forged the reputation of the best off-road SUV in the Dakar desert rally competition.

What year Mitsubishi Montero is the best?

The best Mitsubishi Montero model years According to Jalopnik, in terms of best array of off-road features, the 2nd-gen Mitsubishi Montero, model years 1992-2000, are the most desirable. Expedition Portal forum users further claim the 1995-1999 models are the most desirable of the 2nd-gen SUVs.

What is the engine of Montero Sport?

The Montero Sport is available in 4 variants: GLX 4×2 (6-speed manual), GLS 4×2 (8-speed automatic), GT 4×2 (8-speed automatic), and GT 4×4 (8-speed automatic). All variants are powered by the 2.4L 4N15 MIVEC VGT clean diesel engine.

Does Montero have Turbo?

The Drive. The new Montero Sport is tougher than ever before. It has a powerful fuel-efficient 2.4 liter turbo diesel engine and an advanced 4WD system that will take you from city streets to the far beyond.

Is Montero Sport body on frame?

As it’s a body-on-frame SUV with a solid rear axle and true low-range 4-wheel drive, a used Montero Sport would make a good off-road build, and examples now sell for significantly less than a comparable Toyota 4Runner.

Are Mitsubishi Montero reliable?

The Montero Sport is a decent SUV (truck). The drive train is great and robust, the car holds up well when towing. The engine is powerful for the 2001 model year and has kept its pep throughout the years. It’s a solidly built car and is very reliable.

Is Montero Sport a good car?

A solidly built car Be it taking you comfortably over unknown terrain or offering great power and comfort while driving on the highway, the Montero Sport can do it all. The futuristic design of this car coupled with its reliable engine and spacious cabin making it a good car to own.

Is the Mitsubishi Montero Sport a good car?

With its lean, muscular lines, Mitsubishi’s Montero Sport has been one of the best-looking sport-utilities. For 2000, the Montero Sport features fresh styling and a refined interior.

How much does a 2000 Toyota Montero cost?

For 2000, all Montero Sport models come standard with a V6 and automatic. Three trim levels are available with the 173-horsepower 3.0-liter V6. The lineup starts with the $22,527 ES with two-wheel drive. The $24,777 LS adds privacy glass, fender flares, a split rear seat, power windows and larger alloy wheels.

What kind of suspension does a 2000 Honda Montero have?

For 2000, the Montero Sport gets a new, more angular front grille and slotted taillights. A new rear suspension uses a more sophisticated (and more costly) coil-spring layout designed for improved comfort and stability.