What does grossly mean in medical terms?

What does grossly mean in medical terms?

Coarse or large; large enough to be visible to the naked eye; macroscopic.

What does it mean for something to be grossly intact?

The term “grossly intact” usually means that a cranial nerve exam was not done, but the patient’s facial function is symmetric.

What does it mean when a doctor says grossly unremarkable?

Grossly unremarkable meaning indicates that there is nothing wrong. It shows that there is nothing unusual visible to the naked eye.

What does grossly negative mean in medical terms?

Definition. The absence of tumor cells at the edge of a surgically excised specimen, both macroscopically and microscopically. [ from NCI]

What is the meaning of gross abnormalities?

4 obviously or exceptionally culpable or wrong; flagrant. gross inefficiency. 5 lacking in perception, sensitivity, or discrimination.

What does it mean when your lungs are grossly clear?

“When a study/exam is limited technically (chest x-ray with low lung volumes/patient rotation obscuring portions of the lung), then lungs are ‘grossly’ clear.” “When the term describes body parts that the exam is not designed for, however does include.”

What does grossly intact mean on MRI report?

Hi there. This simply means that all appears normal, but as they were not scanned in more detail then no more info can be provided.

What is the difference between remarkable and unremarkable?

As adjectives the difference between unremarkable and remarkable. is that unremarkable is not remarkable while remarkable is worthy of being remarked or noticed; noticeable; conspicuous; hence, uncommon; extraordinary.

What are the 4 main causes of birth defects?

What causes birth defects?

  • Genetics. One or more genes might have a change or mutation that prevents them from working properly.
  • Chromosomal problems.
  • Exposures to medicines, chemicals, or other toxic substances.
  • Infections during pregnancy.
  • Lack of certain nutrients.

Can congenital anomaly scan detect Down syndrome?

A Detailed Anomaly Scan done at 20 weeks can only detect 50% of Down Syndrome cases. First Trimester Screening, using bloods and Nuchal Translucency measurement, done between 10-14 weeks, can detect 94% of cases and Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) from 9 weeks can detect 99% of Down Syndrome cases.

What does intact ligament mean?

A ligament sprain happens when the fibres that make up the ligament are stretched and just a few fibres are torn. A rupture can be partial (more fibres are torn than in a sprain but the ligament is still intact) or complete (the ligament is torn through completely).

What is the motor part of the 7th cranial nerve?

The motor part of the 7th cranial nerve arises from the facial nerve nucleus in the pons while the sensory part of the 7th cranial nerve arises from the nervus intermedius.

How many cranial nerves come from the brain stem?

Olfactory and optic nerves emerge from the cerebrum and all other 10 nerves emerge from the brain stem. Cranial nerve functions are involved with the functioning of all five senses organs and muscle movements. The below table provides the list of cranial nerves along with their location and functions.

How is 7th cranial nerve palsy diagnosed?

Testing the facial nerve. Lower motor neuron lesions can result in a 7th cranial nerve palsy (Bell’s palsy is the term used to describe the idiopathic form of facial nerve palsy), manifested as both upper and lower facial weakness on the same side of the lesion. Taste can be tested on the anterior 2/3 of the tongue.

What causes the 7th cranial nerve to swell?

It is thought that the 7th Cranial nerve (VII), which supplies the face, swells and becomes inflamed in reaction to an infection, causing pressure within the Fallopian canal, the narrow ‘tunnel’ in the skull through which the facial nerve passes in a somewhat tortuous route.