What does Delphine learn about her name?

What does Delphine learn about her name?

However, she eventually comes to realize that her name can be found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary; even worse, she has been named for a dolphin. This is incredibly distressing to Delphine, and she bursts into tears in the library.

Why is Delphine upset when she finds her name in the dictionary?

(P.S. She thinks Merriam Webster is the name of a woman who wrote the dictionary.) Delphine was furious to find that her name is, in fact, in the dictionary. Why the anger? Because it means Cecile didn’t make it up, so it isn’t special; it isn’t unique.

How does Delphine feel about her name in one crazy summer?

In Rita Williams-Garcia’s novel One Crazy Summer, the narrator, Delphine, believes that a name “makes a picture spring to mind” and that it is a crucial part of one’s identity.

What is the connection that Delphine sees between her name and her mother Cecile?

This name change is a way for Cecile to connect with her new identity. As Nzila, she is a revolutionary poet; as Cecile, she’s a woman who up and left her kids one day, disappearing across the country. Thing is, no matter what she calls herself, to Delphine and Vonetta and Fern, she’s still Cecile.

What role does Delphine play in the family?

Selfless Sister And we do mean totally—when we meet her, she’s never thought of herself, like, at all. Her mom ran off when she was super young, and she’s taken on the responsibility of caring for her younger sisters.

What does Delphine expect from Cecile?

In chapter 9 of One Crazy Summer, Delphine expects Cecile to take her and her sisters down to the People’s Center for breakfast. This is because, when all’s said and done, Cecile is their mother, and this is the kind of thing that mothers should be doing.

What flashes memory did Delphine have about Cecile?

By Rita Williams-Garcia. In an instant, memories of Cecile come flooding back to Delphine. Suddenly, she remembers how her mom was before she left. It doesn’t all make sense, exactly, but it helps prepare Delphine for what to expect from mommy dearest when they meet in Oakland for the first time in years.

How old was Delphine when she last saw her mother?

At the rally, the sisters see their mother has been released from jail, and return home with her. Though Delphine and Cecile’s relationship remains strained, Cecile tells Delphine how she lost her mother at the age of eleven and had a rough life thereafter.

How does Delphine feel about the Black Panthers?

Delphine is super wary of the Black Panthers when she first encounters them. As we’ve seen time and again, she believes she knows all she needs to already, and the Black Panthers are up to no good.

Why did Delphine become angry at vonetta?

The teacher didn’t believe that her mother was a poet and punished her for telling lies. Vonetta is very upset about being told to stop. Delphine responds to her sister’s upset by criticizing Vonetta for being selfish, saying she’s just like Cecile.

What made Cecile mad?

Cecile gets mad at Delphine for being so selfish and cowardly; she tells her to go anyway. Cecile gets arrested. She writes poetry, but the cops don’t like it so much, so they lock her up. In the meantime, the girls go to stay with Hirohito and his mom.

What happened to Miss Patty Cake in one crazy summer?

No shame in the favorite toy game. In One Crazy Summer, Fern is no different: She loves her Miss Patty Cake doll. Fern fills the gaping hole her mom left with her doll. Miss Patty Cake is the bandage Fern puts over the wound her mom created when she up and left.

Was Delphine’s name specially chosen for her by her mother?

Delphine had always believed her name was specially chosen for her by her mother, Cecile. Abandoned by Cecile when she was little, Delphine had imagined that her mother had given her the name to make up for the fact that she didn’t have a mink coat or ruby earrings to give Delphine. She liked to think that…

What happens to Delphine at the end of the novel?

The story ends tragically with Delphine committing suicide. Delphine d’Albémar, the heroine, who gives her name to the novel. Formerly married to M. d’Albémar, she is now a widow ; she is rich, generous and smart and wishes to make her friends happy.

Who is Delphine d’Albémar?

Delphine d’Albémar, the heroine, who gives her name to the novel. Formerly married to M. d’Albémar, she is now a widow ; she is rich, generous and smart and wishes to make her friends happy. This is why she arranges the wedding of Matilde de Vernon and Léonce de Mondoville.

When was Delphine first published?

Delphine is the first novel by Anne Louise Germaine de Staël, published in 1802.