What does Beatrice Ask Hollis to do before she leaves for New Mexico?

What does Beatrice Ask Hollis to do before she leaves for New Mexico?

What does Beatrice ask Hollis to do before she leaves? “Take care of her (Josie).” What does Hollis memorize during dinner?

How does Hollis get away with skipping school?

Hollis runs away because she does not understand that all families fight and Steven and Old Man’s arguments are not her fault. What does Hollis do in the end? She calls Beatrice and tells her to come home.

What does Hollis decide to give Josie for Christmas?

What did Hollis give to Josie for Christmas? A picture of Josie & Beatrice making popcorn at the theater.

Who is Joseph Regan in Hollis Woods?

Hollis Woods final test – Hardesty

Question Answer
Who tells Hollis that she brought them luck? Izzy
What is the main message/idea of the Pictures of Hollis Woods? Family, Love, Belonging
Who was Joseph Regan? The Regan’s son who only lived 6 days
Who celebrated Christmas with Hollis? Josie

What did Hollis Woods promise Beatrice?

Hollis wishes she could leave too; she would take the bus to Branches on the first day she saw the Old Man and Steven at the diner, and she would do everything differently. Hollis promises Beatrice that she… More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Pictures of Hollis Woods.

What did Hollis tell Josie at the end of chapter 2?

Hollis told Josie she would stay, but Hollis would never stay. Hollis missed the regans really bad, some regret.

Why didn’t Josie have to pay when she took Hollis to the movies?

Why didn’t Josie have to pay money when she took Hollis to the movie? Her cousin, Beatrice, owns the movie. They “pay their way” by making the popcorn. How did Josie and Hollis help out before the movie started?

What did the old man give Hollis?

The Regans – Izzy, Old Man and Steve. 6. What special gift did Old Man buy for Hollis? Colored pencils.

Who is Beatrice in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Beatrice – Josie’s cousin with whom she is very close. She is also a retired art teacher (like Josie) and now owns a movie theater. Henry – Josie’s cat. The Mustard Woman – The lady who took Hollis to Josie.

Who is the old man in the book Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Old Man Regan He is an architect and the father of a family which wants to adopt Hollis.

What happened to Josie in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The mustard woman comes by the house to check up on Hollis and is dismayed to find her down by the pier with Josie when she should be in school. Josie is slowly sinking into dementia, and Hollis knows that if the mustard woman discovers the truth she will not be allowed to stay.