What do you mean by advanced?

What do you mean by advanced?

1 : far on in time or course a man advanced in years. 2a : being beyond others in progress or ideas tastes a bit too advanced for the times. b : being beyond the elementary or introductory advanced chemistry. c : greatly developed beyond an initial stage the most advanced scientific methods advanced weapons systems.

What are different words for advanced?


  • developed,
  • evolved,
  • forward,
  • high,
  • higher,
  • improved,
  • late,
  • progressive,

What does advanced feature mean?

1 adj An advanced system, method, or design is modern and has been developed from an earlier version of the same thing. usu ADJ n (=up-to-date)

What does Advanced mean in school?

An advanced student has already learned the basic facts of a subject and is doing more difficult work. An advanced course of study is designed for such students. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students. Synonyms: high-level, higher, tertiary, post-graduate More Synonyms of advanced.

What is the example of advance?

Advance is defined as a movement forward or an improvement. Finding a new way to treat cancer is an example of an advance in science.

What’s another word for not advanced?

What is another word for not far advanced?

young juvenile
teenaged undeveloped
boyish budding
childlike girlish
babyish inexperienced

How do you use advance in a sentence?

“She is taking advanced classes in college.” “He is studying for an advanced degree.” “The car comes with advanced features.” “He is in the advanced stages of cancer.”

What does advanced development mean?

1 being ahead in development, knowledge, progress, etc. advanced studies. 2 having reached a comparatively late stage.

What does text Advanced mean?

Advanced Messaging is the AT next-generation messaging service that allows you to send high-resolution photos and larger video files, up to 10MB per attachment. To enjoy the benefits of Advanced Messaging, you and the person you’re messaging will need AT Advanced Messaging-capable devices.

What is the difference between advanced and advance?

advance (adjective): provided or carried out in advance; prior. advanced (adjective): far on or ahead. The adjective advanced is properly used in the following contexts: The king, who was advanced in years, busied himself with works of charity.

What is a good sentence for advanced?

1) The biologist advanced a new theory of life. 2) The century is advanced, but every individual begins afresh. 3) Armed rebels advanced towards the capital. 4) Sweden has a reputation for advanced and stylish design.

What is opposite of advanced?

(primitive) Opposite of being advanced in development. primitive. backward. underdeveloped. undeveloped.