What did the gander warn Templeton about?

What did the gander warn Templeton about?

The gander, though, warns Templeton that if he ever pokes his “ugly nose” around the new goslings, there will be trouble. The other animals often worry about Templeton, who has “no morals, no conscience [and] […] no milk of rodent kindness.”

What deal did the gander make with Templeton?

The gander gives Templeton a firm warning that he should keep his ”ugly nose” away from the goslings, if not, he’ll get ”the worst pounding a rat ever took.

Why did the goose give Templeton the bad egg?

All he wants to know is why the eighth egg didn’t hatch. The goose and gander aren’t about to let Templeton rain on their parade. So, they let Templeton take the dud egg away to his stash, with the gander warning Templeton that he better stay away from the new goslings… or else.

What do the farm animals think of Templeton?

When he turned 10 years of age his heart grew painfully ironical and sarcastic. When he was 16 he met Wilbur who took an interest in Templeton. Throughout the film, Templeton is greatly disliked by the other farm animals except Wilbur though he reluctantly supported Charlotte in finding words for her web.

Why was Mrs arable worried about Fern?

Arable is worried because Fern says she hears the animals talking, Mr. Arable helps us see that Fern is a special child who loves animals and who would be just the kind of child that would hear animals talk – if anyone could.

Why does Templeton agree to help Charlotte?

Tempelton’s Help After discussing the words that Charlotte would weave in the web next, one of the oldest sheep suggests that they get Templeton to help because ”He can tear out bits of advertisements and bring them up here to the barn cellar, so that Charlotte can have something to copy.

Why was Fern’s mother concerned about her?

Her mother feels that Fern is spending too much time alone, even though Fern insists that the animals at the barn are friends and that she is not lonely. From there, she leaves to go to her uncle’s farm like she normally does.

Is Templeton good or bad?

In fact, he’s so selfish that he doesn’t want to help save Wilbur’s life. And then it takes a lot of coaxing and bribery for him to help save Charlotte’s egg sac. Templeton needs to mind his manners and think of others for a change. From the sound of it, Templeton is pure evil.

Is Templeton a hero or a villain?

Type of Hero Templeton is a gluttonous rat and the tritagonist and overall anti-hero of Charlotte’s Web. He is a greedy, gluttonous, lazy, and rather selfish rat who helps Charlotte and Wilbur only when offered food.

Why is Ferns mother so worried about her?

She is worried because she is spending all her time at her uncle’s farm with wilber. her mother wants her to enjoy her summer and not be with the animals so much.

Why is Mrs arable worried about her daughter?

Arable starts psychoanalyzing her daughter’s weird behavior. She’s pretty worried that her child thinks animals can talk. He thinks that maybe, just maybe, animals can talk and he and his wife just can’t hear them. This would mean that Fern is an especially good listener.

Why does Templeton agree to help find the ideas?