What books did Daisy Meadows write?

What books did Daisy Meadows write?

Main series

# Title Ghostwriter
1 Ruby the Red Fairy Narinder Dhami
2 Amber the Orange Fairy Narinder Dhami
3 Saffron the Yellow Fairy (US name: Sunny the Yellow Fairy) Sue Bentley
4 Fern the Green Fairy Narinder Dhami

How many fairy books by Daisy Meadows are there?

We’ve picked out some recommendations and you shared your ideas too… There are currently 228 Rainbow Magic: The Fairytale Fairies books by Daisy Meadows.

What age are Daisy Meadows books for?

Get ready for an exciting fairy adventure with the no. 1 bestselling series for girls aged 5 and up.

Is Daisy Meadows her real name?

Because – spoiler alert – Daisy Meadows does not exist. Nor is she an imaginary being, such as the innumerable fairies that populate the world of Rainbow Magic, the enormously popular fiction series whose authorship is credited to Daisy Meadows.

Is there a Rainbow Magic movie?

Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island is a British-Japanese animated movie released on the 7th May 2010. It is the only film or series of any kind to be released to date based on the Rainbow Magic property.

What age are Rainbow Magic books for?

About the Author Rainbow Magic is the no. 1 bestselling series for children aged 5 and up with over 40 million copies sold worldwide!

Is there a rainbow magic movie?

What is Daisy Meadows Favourite Colour?

Bright red
What is your favourite colour? Bright red, the colour of courage and energy! Red is also the colour of Ruby in the Rainbow Fairies.

What age group is Rainbow Magic for?

Ideal for readers aged between 7-9, these fiction books are a firm favourite with children who want to read something where fantasy and reality are met head on. They’ll enjoy the pleasant way that fairies have to tackle challenges, goblins and tricky situations while also using their confidence in reading to do so.

Is Daisy a meadow?

Some series and individual book titles vary in the Scholastic editions. There are also colored Rainbow Magic books for younger readers, which are also published by Scholastic….Rainbow Magic.

The current Rainbow Magic logo
Author Daisy Meadows
Illustrator Georgie Ripper (2003–2007) Orchard Books illustrators (2008–present)

How many books are in the Rainbow Magic series?

Rainbow Magic Series Collection 42 Books Set (Colour Fairies, Weather Fairies, Party Fairies, Jewel Fairies, Pet Keeper Fairies, Sporty Fairies)

What reading level is Rainbow Magic books?

Scholastic Reader Level 2: Rainbow Magic: Rainbow Fairies: The Rainbow Fairies

Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z
Grades K – 3 Grades 2 – 3 M

What is the summary of Daisy Meadows?

Lesson Summary. Daisy Meadows is a collective pseudonym used by the authors of the Rainbow Magic books, a popular and current example of series fiction. Each book features best friends Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate as they meet a new fairy and help her defeat the mischievous Jack Frost and his goblins.

Who is dadaisy meadows?

Daisy Meadows is a published author. It is a pen name used by the four authors that make it up. These would be Linda Chapman, Sue Bentley, Sue Mongredien, and Narinder Dhami. Narinder Dhami was born on November 15, 1958 in Wolverhampton, England.

What kind of books has Alexandra Moss written?

This would include a variety of series that include The Magic Key series and the Oliver Moon series as well as Frightful Families. She has written several of the stories in the Sleepover Club series as well as written for picture books. She started the Royal Ballet School Diaries as well using the pseudonym Alexandra Moss.