What are the reactants in photosynthesis 6 CO2 6 H2O C6H12O6 6?

What are the reactants in photosynthesis 6 CO2 6 H2O C6H12O6 6?

The reactants for photosynthesis are light energy, water, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll, while the products are glucose (sugar), oxygen and water.

What does 6CO2 6H2O light energy C6H12O6 6O2 mean?

Light Energy = Light from the sun. On the products side, we have: C6H12O6 = glucose. 6O2 = six molecules of oxygen. 6H2O = six molecules of water.

What is the formula of C6H12O6?

Glucose is a simple sugar with six carbon atoms and one aldehyde group. This monosaccharide has a chemical formula C6H12O6. It is also known as dextrose.

What is the equation of C6H12O6?

The equation for the combustion of glucose is: C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) –> 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(g). How many grams of H2O will be produced when 8.064g of glucose is burned?

What does the formula C6H12O6 tell us about glucose?

Glucose has a chemical formula of: C6H12O6 That means glucose is made of 6 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms. You will be building one type of sugar called glucose. Glucose is produced during photosynthesis and acts as the fuel for many organisms.

What type of reaction is glucose plus oxygen?

Respiration is a series of chemical reactions, but this equation summarises the overall process. Aerobic respiration breaks down glucose and combines the broken down products with oxygen, making water and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is a waste product of aerobic respiration because cells do not need it.

What are the reactants in C6H12O6?

Reactants, products, and Bond energy These reactions, which are described in detail in the chapter Cells and Energy, break down the simple sugar glucose (C6H12O6). The process uses oxygen and glucose and results in carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and usable energy. Oxygen and glucose are the reactants.

Is 6 O2 a reactant or product?

the reactants are C6H12O6 and O2, so B is correct.

Why do O2 and CO2 remain the same?

Oxygen and carbon dioxide remain nearly constant in the atmosphere by the processes of photosynthesis (in plants) and respiration (in animals), respectively. This released oxygen is consumed by animals by the process of respiration, in which they release carbon dioxide.

What is the meaning of C6 H12 O6?

The formula C6 H12 O6 means this compound has 6 atoms of carbon, 12 atoms of glucose and 6 atoms of oxygen bonded together.