What are synonyms for shade?

What are synonyms for shade?

darkness, gathering darkness, dimness, dusk, semi-darkness, twilight. gloom, gloominess, murkiness, murk. literary gloaming. sunlight, daylight. 3’fabrics in autumnal shades’

What do you mean by Patch?

1 : to mend, cover, or fill up a hole or weak spot in. 2 : to provide with a patch. 3a : to make of patches or fragments. b : to mend or put together especially in hasty or shabby fashion —usually used with up. c : to apply a patch to (a computer program)

What is the full meaning of shade?

shade noun (SLIGHT DARKNESS) slight darkness caused by something blocking the direct light from the sun: The sun was hot, and there were no trees to offer us shade.

What is the meaning of shady area?

A shaded area on something such as a map is one that is coloured darker than the surrounding areas, so that it can be distinguished from them.

How do you describe shade?

1 : space sheltered from light or heat and especially from the sun I needed to sit in the shade of a tree. 2 : partial darkness The trees cast shade.

What is another name for light and shade?

What is another word for shade?

dusk gloom
soft light pall
blackout eclipse
crepuscule brownout
Cimmerian shade

What is the meaning of patch of land?

countable noun. A patch of land is a small area of land where a particular plant or crop grows.

What does patched mean slang?

Meaning in Scotland: To be good with words, funny. 20. Patch – What it usually means: A piece of cloth used to mend a torn piece of clothing. Meaning in Scotland: To ignore someone. 21.

Why is shade called shade?

The slang version of “shade” originated from the black and Latino gay communities. According to gender studies scholar John C. Hawley, the expression “throwing shade” was used in the 1980s by New York City’s ethnic working-class in the “ballroom and vogue culture”, particularly by gender nonconformists.

What is the adjective of shade?

Full of shade; shady.

Is shedded a real word?

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of shed.

What is the meaning of cast a shadow over?

to make a situation seem less hopeful and more likely to end badly. Last night’s killings cast a dark shadow over the peace talks. Synonyms and related words. To make someone feel disappointed or less hopeful.

What is the meaning of shaded?

to shelter (something) from light and heat. the trees shaded us quite nicely from the noonday sun. Synonyms for shade. shadow. cloud, darken, dim, dull, overcast,

What is an antonym for shade?

Near Antonyms of shade. brightness, brilliance, effulgence, illumination, incandescence, light, lightness, lucidity, lucidness, luminance, luminosity, luminousness, radiance, radiancy. 2 a time or place of little or no light. enjoying the cool shade of the evening.

What is patching up?

A (typically sudden) spurt or build-up of something in great quantities A small area of still water, typically one formed naturally “Grandpa would often get holes in his trousers, and Grandma would patch them up at night.”

What is a patch used for?

“We simply sewed a patch taken from the leg of a spare pair of trousers over the letters.” A piece of material used to cover and protect a wound “I placed the patch over the wound, wincing as the cloth touched the inflamed area.”