What are 5 10 interesting things Lewis and Clark found along their journey?

What are 5 10 interesting things Lewis and Clark found along their journey?

10 Little-Known Facts About the Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Lewis first met Clark after being court-martialed by the Army.
  • Lewis had served as Thomas Jefferson’s secretary.
  • Thomas Jefferson believed the expedition might encounter wooly mammoths.
  • The Spanish sent soldiers to arrest the expedition.

What is a fun fact about Lewis and Clark?

Fun Facts about Lewis and Clark Clark became governor of the Missouri Territory as well as Superintendent of Indian Affairs. The men on the journey were called the Corps of Discovery. The total journey was over 7,000 miles. Only one member of the group died during the trip.

What did Lewis do and what did Clark do?

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–06) was a U.S. military expedition, led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark, to explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest. The expedition was a major chapter in the history of American exploration.

Did Lewis get shot in the butt?

On the morning of this day in 1806, Lewis spotted some elk on a bar in the river thickly overgrown with willows. Spotting an elk, Lewis was just about to fire his rifle when he was hit in the buttocks by a bullet. The blow spun him around and slashed a three-inch gash in his hip.

What important things did Lewis and Clark discover?

Lewis and Clark Expedition Legacy The Corps had traveled more than 8,000 miles, produced invaluable maps and geographical information, identified at least 120 animal specimens and 200 botanical samples and initiated peaceful relations with dozens of Native American tribes.

What were 3 goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

The expedition, which began in 1804 and took more than two years to complete, had three purposes: to chart a route that would be part of a passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; to trace the boundaries of the territory obtained in the Louisiana Purchase; and to lay claim to the Oregon Territory.

What items did Lewis and Clark discover?

Lewis and Clark’s Scientific Discoveries: Plants

  • Osage orange. Scientific name: Maclura pomifera – Lewis first described this on March 3, 1804.
  • Broad-leaved gum-plant.
  • Lance-leaved psoralea.
  • Large-flowered clammyweed.
  • Missouri milk vetch.
  • Few-flowered psoralea; scurfy pea.
  • Aromatic aster.
  • Silver-leaf psoralea; silvery scurfpea.

What things did Lewis and Clark discover?

Was Lewis or Clark shot in the butt?

But the expedition came close to losing one of its leaders – Meriwether Lewis – when he was shot in the butt by one of his men in what seems to have been a hunting accident. The incident occurred on the return journey, just off the Missouri River in what is today northwestern North Dakota.

Where is Lewis and Clark buried?

Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery, died while traveling on the Old Natchez Trace in 1809. He is buried at milepost 385.9….Hours.

Amphitheater: No
Potable Water: Potable Water

Did Lewis and Clark have slaves?

York was born enslaved, the son of Old York and Rose, who were owned by John Clark III, William Clark’s father. William inherited York from his father in 1799….York (explorer)

Died After 1815
Occupation Body servant (enslaved) Explorer
Employer Enslaved by William Clark
Known for Participating in the Lewis and Clark Expedition

What was the most important goal of the expedition?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–1806) was a federally funded venture to explore the North American West. The expedition’s principal objective was to survey the Missouri and Columbia rivers, locating routes that would connect the continental interior to the Pacific Ocean.

Did Lewis and Clark find what they were looking for?

In August 1805 Lewis and Clark were looking for the Shoshone Indians . The Corps (Lewis and Clark’s expedition party) needed horses to cross the Rockies and the Shoshone had them.

Why were Lewis and Clark so important?

Lewis and Clark were important because they undertook the first expedition to cross the western part of the United States all the way to the Pacific Ocean . During their expedition, they explored the newly acquired lands of the Louisiana Purchase , surveyed and mapped the land, established a U.S. presence for legal purposes, made friendly contact with many Native American tribes, and scientifically studied local flora and fauna.

How did Lewis and Clark meet each other?

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark met each other in 1794, when Clark was Lewis’ commanding officer in the Army. After Lewis was given leadership of the western expedition on February 28, 1803, he offered Clark the position of co-commander.

What did Lewis and Clark learn from their expedition?

Although Lewis and Clark did not find a direct waterway from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, their expedition brought a wealth of knowledge about the newly purchased lands in the west. For example, the expedition provided extensive facts on the Northwest’s natural resources .